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The Benefits of Odor Control in the Workplace
Monday, January 31, 2022

The Benefits of Odor Control in the Workplace

Scent is critical in life -- it is the strongest sense linked to memory and emotion. As consumers, scent influences how we shop and where we choose to eat. As business owners and decision-makers it’s important to put this into motion in your own business environment.

When working to improve your business (which is likely an everyday thing), it's easy to overlook crucial details like foul lingering odors you think you’re stuck with. Malodors can cause customers to think adversely about your business which can have a huge impact like declined sales, reduced customer experience, negative reviews, or poor employee morale. You’re not stuck with those foul odors even if they are a reoccurring part of your business. Our industrial-strength odor control products eliminate odors at the source and leave your business smelling wonderful.


Are you starting to see the importance of controlling odors and having proper scenting in your business?

Odor control and appropriate scenting can help convey your business message without spending a fortune. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing, comforting, peaceful environment, something more exciting and energizing, or you’re looking to give off beachy and Caribbean vibes Neutron odor control products will help you do that. Neutron is your one-stop shop for commercial odor control available in a variety of fragrances, (including amazing seasonal fragrances) you won’t find anywhere else.

Some benefits to commercial scenting and odor control:

1.     Eliminate Obscene Odors

All of our odor control products include phenomenal fragrance and superior odor control. Odor can be an issue in even the cleanest facilities and unpleasant odors create negative impressions. Failing to control malodors can be detrimental to the image of your business. With our products, you can eliminate malodors like cigarette smoke, medicinal odors, restroom odors, and even trash, skunk, and mercaptan odors.

It's nearly impossible for many businesses to avoid producing negative odor, but Neutron Odor Eliminators can help you eliminate the odors completely at the source. This creates a more enjoyable experience for your customers and employees!

2.     Enhance Customer’s Moods

Certain fragrances have been shown to affect moods. Scents like our Purely Lavender, Warm Vanilla, Granny’s Kitchen and our Spa Scents like Tranquil Power, Botanical Bliss, and Happy Energy are scents that have been shown to give a sense of calmness, whereas citrus scents like Fresh Orange, Sweet Lemon, Sunburst, and Passion Fruit Citrus can make you feel rejuvenating and energizing. It’s important to consider how you want your customers to feel while they’re in your business. No matter how you want to influence your customers, Neutron has a scent to match your needs.

3.     Increase Brand Recognition

Scent is strongly linked to the formation of memories, so associating a scent with your business can trigger customers to remember the good experiences they've had that will keep them coming back. Every customer interaction matters —in the smallest and largest business spaces. In today’s world, in-person touchpoints are more than routine transactions – you only have a short time to deliver the best first impression. Creating the right environment with scent while controlling odors will allow your business to stand out from the competition while giving your customers a lasting impression. Neutron products are available in a variety of scents in an array of products right for your business. Use one of our Signature Scents to create the signature scent for your brand. Learn more and shop our Signature scents on our site.

4.     Build Value for Customers

As it turns out, having a pleasant scent in the air can build value with customers encouraging them to spend more time in your business and return again becoming repeat, loyal customers. This is because scent and creating the right mood can make your clients feel more comfortable, which makes them want to spend more time interacting with what your business has to offer.

If you’re a hospitality business, you want customers to be comfortable and enjoy their stay which may result in an extended reservation and will ensure they return.  For a medical facility, you want clients and patients to feel relaxed so they’ll have a positive experience in a sometimes stressful situation which will make them likely to return.

When customers stay longer and/or return to your business, provides more interaction time which turns into higher success for you. It creates repeat customers, increased sales, and results in sharing their great experience with others bringing new customers.  

5.     Improve Conditions for Employees

Just as important (if not more important) than customers and clients are your employees. Your customers aren't the only ones who will benefit from industrial-grade products! Your employees may experience a boost in their productivity and morale with the right scents, which can go a long way in your business. Happy employees = happy guests! Whether you use fruity scents (like our signature - Fresh Orange) to help your employees feel energized while working or use one of our Spa fragrances in your company's office to relax your employees, commercial scent and odor control can make a big difference for your employees.

Just think about it – how often is someone noticing or complaining about the foul lingering odors coming from break rooms, restrooms, or anywhere else in your workplace? Eliminate that frustration and annoyance by having the right cleaners and odor control products that will fragrance your environment. Try our Signature Scent packs.

Neutron’s Signature Scent Packs are the perfect way to create a refreshing atmosphere for your business using different product types with the same fragrance for your cleaning and odor control challenges. These packs include an enzymatic digester for all your organic cleaning and odor challenges, an all-purpose cleaner that contains a cleaning booster to inhibit re-soiling, and an odor control product of your choice to eliminate the most pungent odors including smoke odor from cigars and cigarettes, spoiled food, fish odor… even skunk and mercaptan odors. Signature Scent packs are available in our most popular scents: Botanical Bliss, Fresh Orange, Sweet Lemon, and a Limited Edition fragrance. See our website for the most current Limited Edition fragrance.


Have we convinced you yet that controlling odors and properly scenting your workplace are crucial for the success of your business? And it's so simple!! Just shop our site for the scents and products you need – choose from cleaners with odor control properties and odor eliminators for every application (handheld and continuous). Shop our site or contact us to find the solution right for your business.