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Restaurants   Because you want your guests to judge your restaurant on the food and ambiance not their perception of cleanliness.

Did you know that 80% of people who visit restaurants base their impression of the restaurant on their experience in the restroom?  Could you imagine losing customers because of unpleasant odors from your bathroom?  And what about the grease, protein and fats that get all over the kitchen surfaces and into your drains.  You don't want to lose serving hours because a drain isn't working.  We have a product portfolio designed to meet your back of house needs just as much as the front of house.

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Power Tabs made third sink sanitizing simple. They dissolve quickly giving you perfect ppm. So much easier to use than bleach. Keep your counters clean with Eco-Power All Purpose. It's made with biodegradable EPA Safer Choice approved ingredients designed to cut through gunk and grime, including grease.


Keep your restrooms smelling as clean as they look with our Odor Control line up.  We have products that dispense automatically, hand-held for on demand and enzymatic cleaners to digest organic waste.  We eliminate odors - we don't just cover them up.

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We understand the juggling act you perform creating an ambiance with as many seats as possible and yet turning those tables within a certain number of minutes.  Not to mention keeping a kitchen running smoothly, ingredients fresh, plates clean and smiles on your customers' faces.  Let us provide you with the portfolio of cleaners, sanitizer and odor eliminators you need to allow your customers to enjoy the food and experience.

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Food Contact Surface Sanitizer. No Rinsing


Two Time Safer Choice Partner of the Year for Eco-Power Products


Products to Keep Restrooms Clean and Smelling Fresh


Enzymatic Products That Cut Through the Grease On Floors and In Drains