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Neutron AutoShip PartnerShip

Atom Air is available exclusively through the Neutron AutoShip PartnerShip Program.

$32.00/month PLUS TAX
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phone For large opportunities, please contact us for special pricing.

Free Shipping
Free Freight on all Atom Air shipments
Atom Air Fragrance bottles
Automatic fragrance oil replenishment
Automatic shipment of batteries and component replacement
Low monthly payments with no upfront fees

Where Innovation Meets Convenience:

State-of-the-art system with modern cold air diffusion technology.
A completely dry, scented vapor with no decline in fragrance over time.
No wet spray that can create fallout and potentially slippery floors.
System connects via Bluetooth to any smart device.
Simple, easy programming of multiple units via an app on your smart device.
Virtual Service Plan for easy maintenance.

RETHINK Workplace Scent & Odor Control

Limited Edition! Chilled champagne with fresh berries and enhanced with a touch of jasmine and musk.
Naturally Neutral
No known allergens. A refreshing airy fragrance of crisp fruits intertwined with fresh floral notes and balanced with clean musk and soft woods.
Blue Sky
No known allergens. Crystal powder breezes over white roses, luminous jasmine swirled with touches of orange blossom and white musk.
Botanical Bliss
No known allergens. The scent combines touches of citrus with the scent of green tea and jasmine plus deep woodsy undertones
Tranquil Power
No known allergens. A soft, powdery scent that blends the earthy calmness of natural herbaceous, flower, amber, and rich musky scents. It’s that power of self-found only in tranquil moments.
tiki beach
Like a fresh breeze coming from the islands to your door. This fragrance is a wonderful blend of toasted coconut, vanilla musk, and purple orchids infused with citrus and pineapple to round out your trip to sensory paradise!
Fresh Orange
The nostalgic orange-vanilla scent from childhood memories of dreamsicle bars. An energizing citrus scent composed of sparkling orange notes paired with warm vanilla.
How Your Facility Can Benefit From The New Atom Air Cold Air Diffusions Odor Control System
Superior Odor Elimination
Easy installation, programming, and maintenance
No known allergen fragrances
Improved satisfaction from guests and employees
Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Why Atom Air? 
    Atom Air is our best odor control solution. It utilizes the latest technology and comes with the best perks! Atom air uses Cold Air Diffusion Technology to diffuse and consistently deliver a completely dry, scented vapor across large areas with no decline in fragrance. This means you can expect the same experience on day 1 as day 30. The fragrance plume emitted is a vapor, which allows the fragrance to naturally carry and bloom up to 6,000 cubic feet with just one unit. 

    Atom Air is sold on our AutoShip PartnerShip Program, this means you will receive:
    o Free freight for all Atom Air Shipments
    o Low monthly payments
    o Automatic shipments of Atom Air supplies
    o A Virtual Service Plan for easy maintenance

    Atom Air is our first product to come with a Virtual Service Plan which means your machine will always be up to date and functioning as it should. We will send you replacement tubes and batteries every 90 days so you’ll always have them when you need them. Our Virtual Service Plan comes with online videos to help you service your Atom Air. 
  • How does ordering online work?
    Click “Buy Now” to get started with your Atom Air purchase. Choose your fragrance and the number of dispensers needed to outfit your facility. Tell us where to send it and fill out your billing information. Once you finalize your purchase, we’ll call you to arrange a credit card payment. We’ll be in contact with you for all the important steps in getting started and maintaining your Atom Air. 
  • What’s the difference between Atom Air and AutoScents?
    Atom Air uses a finer particle size to neutralize odors at the source and fragrance your facility. It uses Cold Air Diffusion Technology to diffuse and consistently deliver a completely dry, scented vapor across large areas with no decline during the life of the refill. The fragrance plume emitted is a vapor, which allows the fragrance to naturally carry and bloom up to 6,000 cubic feet with just one unit. AutoScents coverage is slightly less covering up to 4,000 cubic feet. 

    Atom Air is sold on our AutoShip PartnerShip Program which gives you many benefits (see above - Why Atom Air?)

    Atom Air is controlled via Bluetooth using our app on any smart device. That means you can control it from your desk or another part of your facility without needing to get out any ladders once the device has been installed and turned on. 

    AutoScents is a great product for continuous odor control in traditional fashion. No Bluetooth or smart devices are required.
Neutron Atom Air
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Why is it better? 
Atom Air is the most convenient workplace odor eliminator and scenting system and what's better than low monthly payments with no upfront fees? Atom Air is easy to program and control. It connects via Bluetooth to any smart device - no climbing to adjust the settings. It really is hassle-free!

Our high-quality Neutron Atom Air system is not an aerosol and the fragrance refills do not contain toxic chemicals or propellants. When dispersed into a dry mist via your Atom Air System, the dry vapor fragrance stays in the air for maximum odor control effect. Atom Air will arrive preset for optimal performance so there's no guessing game for you.

At Neutron Industries, we understand the importance of customer service and interaction. It is our duty to help you maximize the advantage in your workplace by utilizing the power of scent marketing. We believe businesses of all sizes should be able to provide this.

“With all of the other senses, you think before you respond, but with scent, your brain responds before you think.” - PAM SCHOLDER ELLEN, A GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY MARKETING PROFESSOR

Why Neutron?
We make the majority of our products here in the United States allowing us to control the quality and inventory of our products. We continuously invest in technology and equipment to improve our processes so that the products you want, are available when you want them.

We stand behind our entire line of products with a 100% Performance Guarantee. Our objective is to make sure that your purchasing experience is wonderful and worry-free. If, for ANY REASON, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return your product for a full refund or credit of the original purchase price.