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Funeral / Mortuary

Funeral / Mortuary   Because you’re there for families and friends during some of the most difficult times in their lives.

Neutron provides a wide range of products to create and maintain the serenity of your funeral home.  We offer odor eliminators with amazing scents, cleaning, and disinfecting products to keep surfaces germ-free, drain maintainers for use in the embalming and preparation rooms, as well as products for restroom and general facility maintenance.


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The scent of your funeral home can help soothe visitors during a difficult time.  Using Neutron’s NI-712 and AutoScents products in the public areas of your facility can help create a calm, serene environment.  Eliminating odors in other areas is also important.  Often times the drains within the embalming and preparation rooms become clogged hindering drain flow and causing undesirable odors.  Both the clog and the odors can be eliminated using D-Molish.

Neutron also provides products for general cleaning and maintenance to not only keep your facility looking good but also safe during these pandemic times.  Soft surface sanitizers for chairs and upholstery plus disinfectants for use on hard-surfaces in restrooms, offices and prep rooms are available.  And, although most of the attention is spent on the interior of your funeral home, Neutron also provides products for pest control, cleaners for air conditioner maintenance and much more.

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We understand the unique cleaning needs of the funeral industry in providing a welcoming, serene public environment to maintaining efficient and clean private work areas.   Let our cleaners, disinfectants, drain maintainers and odor control products do the work for you.

How Funeral Homes & Mortuaries Benefit From Our Solutions


Variety of Odor Control Products

Fragrance Free and No Known Allergen Products

Enzymatic Cleaner and Drain Maintainer

Sanitizers and Disinfectants

Products to Keep Restrooms Clean and Smelling Fresh