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Our industrial strength products eliminate your toughest odors, germs, and dirt. Our proprietary technology has been trusted by professionals for over 100 years.

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Small Business Disinfecton 101

 If you are in charge of cleaning a senior care facility or hospital, you know your disinfectants need to be EPA certified, Hospital Grade, you most likely use a dilutible Quaternary Disinfectant, and plan to follow a 10 minute dwell time. 

However, if you are a small business...

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How much 'ECO' is in your Spring Cleaning?

Does being “Eco Friendly” matter to you, your business, employees or brand?  Do you find yourself wondering how you can be more environmentally friendly especially now that it’s time to do some Spring Cleaning?  You can implement Eco Friendly practices without having to make extreme changes. Even a small, sustainable change can create an impact on the planet and your company’s profit. Whether you’re a boss or an employee, some small steps can lay the groundwork for a healthier workplace...

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