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Culture  One Team, One Dream

We strive to embrace an environment dedicated to excellence, personal development, and business integrity.  Innovation and creative thinking is encouraged as we build on the best of our employees to provide customers with exceptional products.  Integrity is the core of any business and an element that we take seriously here at Neutron empowering everyone to always do what’s right in both their work and personal lives.  We learn from both our successes and mistakes embracing changes as they happen.  We believe in being easy to do business with evidenced by this new website.  Customers can now access everything online making transactions even easier while still being available via the phone and chat to answer questions and help with product selection.  We’re here – for our customers and each other. 

Neutron Culture

At Neutron we believe that doing business should be easy and fun!

Neutron Culture

Employee's are encouraged to share best practices and celebrate individual and team success!