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Odor Problems In Your Hotel? Neutralize them with Neutron!
Monday, July 19, 2021

Odor Problems In Your Hotel? Neutralize them with Neutron!

We at Neutron know that whether you manage a Resort, Hotel, Motel, or Bed & Breakfast, creating the most optimal guest experience is your number one priority. We also know that odors are the first thing people notice when entering an establishment. Therefore, top-of-the-line odor elimination is essential for providing the superior stay your guests deserve.

Luckily, odor removal is Neutron’s specialty and we’ve been successfully serving our customers for over 40 years! The scientists on our Research & Development team have worked hard to formulate a superior product that completely eliminates all airborne odors at the molecular level, including smoke and animal odors. This means there’s no masking… It attacks any odor at its source and neutralizes it completely in seconds! Amazing!

After traveling, all your guests want is a clean and relaxing place to stay. Show you care about your guests by giving them an incredible first impression with a great-smelling lobby. Our NI-712® Odor Eliminator in our AutoScents format is the perfect fit! These are extremely easy to use. The 7.25oz refill cans go into a sleekly designed dispenser that can be placed on walls or on high shelves. With several fragrances to choose from, your guests will be delighted from the moment they step through your doors!

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Check-in went smoothly and now your guests are walking down the hall to their room. Because hallways are usually enclosed spaces, odors can get trapped. Vacuuming can clean the dirt and germs from the carpet, but now that bad odor is captured in the vacuum bag. What can you do to remove that odor trailing behind the vacuum? You can place one of our Odor Bead Air Freshener bags in your vacuum bag! Each meshed bag contains beads of odor elimination and fragrance that last for at least 30 days. Your hallways will always smell clean and fresh!

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Your guests have finally made it to their room and now it’s time to relax! If they are confronted by offensive odors from cigarette smoke, marijuana, or pet odors when they open the door, their experience has just taken a turn for the worse. It doesn’t matter if the room is spotless with sophisticated décor; if the room smells bad, you will have an unhappy guest and, perhaps, a poor review.

To prevent this, we have several phenomenal products for your Guest Room Attendants to keep on their carts that are incredibly effective and efficient for eliminating malodors in the rooms. Your GRAs will love how simple they are to use and how quickly they work!

Concerns and Solutions

  • Fabric odors? No worries! Use our SE-500 Odor Eliminator. It contains technology to grab onto the odor-causing molecules and remove them completely!
  • Found out that someone was smoking in a non-smoking room? Our No Smoke will fix that! No one will ever know that a cigarette or cigar was ever smoked in the room! In a marijuana-legal state? Use our No Smoke 420.
  • What about the odors trapped in carpet fibers? Over time, carpets can hold all sorts of odors from food, animals, smoke, and more. Get rid of those bad smells with our Sprinkle Fresh Carpet Deodorizer. Just sprinkle this outstanding carpet powder on the carpet, wait 2-3 minutes, then vacuum away those odors! No time to vacuum? Our SE-500 Carpet Deodorizer is perfect for freshening up in between vacuuming! Just spray on our quick-drying foam and go – So fast and easy!
  • Need a beautiful fragrance to greet your guests as they open their door? Just a short and quick spray of our powerful NI-712® Odor Eliminator Continuous Spray will do the trick. It’s super concentrated to keep the fragrance going for hours!
  • Looking for a hands-free deodorizer for persistent odors? Use our AutoScents Total Release Fogger. It takes only two hours to penetrate and eradicate odors, then another 30 minutes to ventilate. It does the work for you while other tasks can get done!

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Your guests have completed their stay and it’s time to check out. They’ve had a wonderful experience and complimented you at the front desk. They’ve even decided to post very favorable reviews for your establishment online! By using Neutron products you can always feel confident that you’ve provided the cleanest, best-smelling accommodations for your guests. We’re so glad you stopped by!