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Keep The Pests Away With Neutron Pest Control Products
Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Keep The Pests Away With Neutron Pest Control Products

With the changing of the seasons from winter to spring, bugs and pests become more prevalent. At Neutron, we have ready-to-use pest control products that contain our signature fragrances. These powerful products get rid of pests while leaving a pleasant fragrance. This allows businesses to deal with pests with discretion while taking care of guests and customers.

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 Looking for a solution to your pest problem?  Killa Vanilla and Hari Kari Cherry Roach & Ant Sprays are Neutron’s two powerhouse pest control products. These unique products can be used to kill on contact, or used as a preventative measure against bugs entering into your work environment. Killa Vanilla and Hari Kari can be used against ants, roaches, scorpions, silverfish, waterbugs, fleas, ticks, and much more. To eliminate ant problems, spray ant trails and all areas where ants may find an entrance including around doors, baseboards, and windows.  For killing cockroaches, use as a spot or crack and crevice treatment. These two pest control products each have a 7-week residual kill time. Once you spray it, they continue to kill pests for up to 7 weeks. One can contains enough power to keep pests away for the season!

 Neutron’s Killa Vanilla and Hari Kari are different from other insecticides. Other products leave the smell of the harsh chemicals after spraying, while these leave a pleasant fragrance. Customers may get the wrong impression if your business or office smells of harsh pesticides. When you use Neutron’s Killa Vanilla and Hari Kari, customers and guests won’t know that you just sprayed a pest control product. The pleasant scents allow businesses to discretely spray for pests. Employees can continue to work in recently treated areas. Killa Vanilla contains a lovely vanilla scent, while Hari Kari smells of fresh cherries. These powerful pest control products keep pests away while leaving a great scent! It is the perfect product for the office, hotels, schools, facilities, and more!

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 Neutron offers a wide selection of insecticide products to help eliminate any pest! Purchase them in a bundle; our Bug Out Bundle offers the ultimate array of products to keep nasty pests at bay. This bundle offers products that can be used inside businesses as well as pest maintenance for grounds maintenance. 

 The pack includes one each of Hari Kari and Killa Vanilla, along with one of the following:

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 Our pest control products are powerful tools to keep your business pest-free. They take care of pests, so your business can keep working. Killa Vanilla and Hari Kari contain our pleasant fragrances while getting rid of the bugs. Discreetly rid your business of pests while smelling great!

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 Neutron Industries has been solving challenges for cleaning professionals and maintenance professionals since 1978. Trust us to provide your business with the products you need to get the job right the first time. Browse our site to learn about our extensive product portfolio.  If you prefer to talk with someone, we have product experts standing by to help tailor a solution for your specific business at 866-529-1559.