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Eliminate Dirty Dumpster Challenges with these Neutron Products
Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Eliminate Dirty Dumpster Challenges with these Neutron Products

Does your dumpster or garbage stink up your business? Whether it is a dumpster, industrial trash compactor, trash chute, or the trash bins within your business, keeping your trash receptacles clean is crucial in leaving a positive impression on guests, and for reducing foul odor exposure of employees.  The breakdown of organic materials in the garbage is the main culprit of foul odors. While garbage odor is a year-round issue, warm summer months aid in the faster decomposition of organic matter, making your dumpster a petri dish for bacteria and intensifying the putrid odors. Using specialized cleaning and odor control products can help control malodors that thrive in your dumpsters. 

Neutron Industries is proud to introduce our new Probiotic Chute and Dumpster Cleaner! This concentrate removes malodors, leaving a minty scent. Think of Probiotic Chute and Dumpster as your deep-cleaning product. Neutron also has specialized odor control products for in-between cleanings to help maintain a pleasant scent, Cherry Charm, and NI-712 Clinging Gel Deodorant. Neutron has the solutions for all the garbage challenges your business faces.

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Odor is a very influential factor when forming opinions about a business. Guests may formulate negative feelings about a business if it smells of foul garbage. According to Psychology Today, smells can evoke positive and negative psychological states of mind (Psychology Today). Garbage smells can evoke negative associations or reactions. This could result in employees being reluctant to empty the trash due to smelly dumpsters or guests not returning to a business due to malodors. Keeping your business odor-free is beneficial to the employees and those who frequent it. 

According to Compound Interest, organic substances in your trash are broken down by bacteria, fungi, mites, and parasites that produce the chemical compounds that cause garbage odor. (Compound Interest) Regularly cleaning your dumpsters and trash receptacles is beneficial to the perception of your business as well as providing a pleasant smelling environment for your employees and guests. Neutron’s Probiotic Chute and Dumpster Cleaner is formulated as a stabilized enzyme concentrate for the purpose of quickly and efficiently breaking down a variety of organic materials. Using Probiotic Chute and Dumpster Cleaner to clean your trash receptacles will help resolve the challenges putrid garbage poses to your business.

Having clean receptacles will help deter any pests that were attracted to the foul-smelling garbage. Keeping outdoor receptacles clean can help prevent future pest problems in your dumpster or trash room.

Creating a trash receptacle cleaning routine will help ensure that your dumpsters are clean and eliminate any malodors.  Download our Trash Receptacle Cleaning and Odor Eliminating Solution Guide for use in your business.

 Download our Trash Receptacle Cleaning and Odor Eliminating Solution Guide

Cleaning and eliminating garbage odors is a two-step process:

First, your trash receptacle should be cleaned out after collection using Neutron’s Probiotic Chute and Dumpster Cleaner. This unique concentrated cleaner eliminates smelly garbage odors with grease-loving enzymes. Neutron’s probiotic cleaner uses enzymes to neutralize odors while leaving behind a minty scent! This dumpster and chute cleaner is perfect for apartmentsmedical industryschoolsrestaurants, and the hospitality industry. When following label directions and proper dilution ratios, this concentrate can be sprayed on the hard surface of dumpsters or trash chutes to eliminate odors and properly clean them. This product is ideal for use on large trash receptacles where there is a communal collection of trash. 

Probiotic Chute and Dumpster Cleaner Guide - Dumpster cleaning

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Then, between the weekly washes, specialized odor control products should be used to keep your dumpsters smelling pleasant. Cherry Charm Citronella Granular Airborne Odor Eliminator- Cherry Charm’s powerful airborne odor counteractant effectively eliminates gaseous airborne odors.  Use this product in between washes to help keep your dumpster smelling pleasant. To use, just sprinkle the cherry-scented granules into any dumpster or waste container after each service and watch airborne odors disappear! This product is perfect for the medical industryfuneral home industryschoolsdaycares, and animal care industry.

Cherry Charm Granular Odor Eliminator - Dumpster Odors

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NI-712 Clinging Gel Deodorant- NI-712 Gel is a unique deodorant designed to be used anywhere offensive odors are a problem. This product is so simple to use! The clinging gel allows the product to be applied on horizontal, vertical, and irregularly shaped surfaces. NI-712 Clinging Gel is perfect to be used on smaller trash receptacles and chutes. Spray surfaces on the inside of trash cans, diaper pails, and more.  The gel slowly evaporates and completely disappears, leaving no stain or residue behind.

ni-712 gel odor eliminator - trash odors

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Odor is a key factor in making a good impression on employees and people who frequent your business. Properly cleaning your trash receptacles and using odor control products will help eliminate rotten odors. Neutron’s Probiotic Chute and Dumpster Cleaner is the perfect product to clean and eliminate trash odors in dumpsters and chutes. Cherry Charm and NI-712 Gel Deodorizer are the perfect complements to maintaining an odor-free environment. Explore our entire portfolio of products to solve your toughest cleaning challenges.



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