AutoScents Automatic Dispenser Refills - Holiday Escape Assortment - 7.25-oz Metered Can (Qty 12 Per Case)

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Product Description

The Holiday Escape assortment includes 3 cans of each of these four festive scents:

  • Candied Rose - a complex, modern floral scent with touches of zesty lemon and sweet honey.
  • Snowy River - the smooth scent of pine, amber, and sandalwood with a touch of mandarin and cool mountain air.
  • Pomegranate Sangria - fresh juicy berries with a clean, crisp hint of citrus!
  • Warm Vanilla - the classic cozy, irresistible scent of vanilla.


AutoScents is Neutron’s metered spray system designed to handle even the most difficult odor control challenges automatically.

Unlike other spray systems that mask foul odors, Autoscents includes SE-500® to bind with odor molecules to completely neutralize odors. Malodors are removed and replaced with a pleasant fragrance perfect for your business. 

Each refill contains 3,000 sprays which last approximately 30 days when used with AutoScent 24/7 Automatic Dispenser. Use in the Programmable Dispenser to customize delivery that fits your needs.  (AutoScent dispensers are sold separately).

Use Neutron’s AutoScents system everywhere. This compact yet powerful air freshening system combines a contemporary look with effective, affordable, and long-lasting performance to eliminate offensive odors and maintain an inviting atmosphere. Use in many different areas and building environments including:

  •          Restrooms
  •          Offices and Conference Rooms
  •          Lobby Entryways
  •          Garbage Disposal Areas

Neutron’s AutoScent Refills are VOC compliant.