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NI-712 Odor Eliminator - Seasonal Assortment - 4oz Mist Spray Can (Qty 12 Per Case)

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Product Description

New seasonal assortment designed to take you all the way from now through the New Year with scents perfect for the fall and holiday seasons.

Assortment includes 3 cans each of all four scents.

  • Country Nutmeg - a buttery blend of your favorite fall scents topped with caramel, maple and spicy nutmeg.
  • Farmhouse Cider - the enticing scent of pressed sweet apple cider with cloves, cinnamon and sweet vanilla.
  • Candy Cane Crunch - the invigorating scent of peppermint.  Smells like Peppermint Bark!
  • CranBubbly - an effervescent blend of fresh berries and other fruits. 

NI-712 Super Concentrated Odor Eliminators work fast eliminating your worst airborne odors in seconds.  They contain a proprietary ingredient so that just two or three quick mist sprays keep an average 10x10x10 room odor-free for up to eight hours.  Each 4oz can contains more than 750 sprays.

NI-712 is truly an industrial strength product.  It eliminates odors – doesn’t just cover them up like so many other products and is effective against the most pungent odors including: smoke odor from cigars and cigarettes, spoiled food, fish odor, cooking odors, medical condition odors, incontinence odors, urine odor, pet odor, vomit… even skunk and Mercaptan odors.