Dilution System

Eco-Clean Wall Mounted Dilution Systems





One custom configured system for all your cleaning needs!



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Increase cleaning efficiency, create a safer work environment, clean with green, and most importantly save money all with one versatile cleaning system. Eco-Clean offers all this and more!



• Highly-concentrated formulations in 3 Liter containers that are compact for storage, easy to handle, and reduce shipping costs and waste

• Premium cleaning/sanitizing products with one-step cleaning action reduces labor costs and increases cleaning efficiency

• Closed loop dispensing and safe packaging eliminates user contact with chemicals and increases employee safety



Choose from our complete line of products to fulfill your entire facility's cleaning needs. Regardless of size, cleaning operation, or custodial crew, Neutron Industries has the equipment and products necessary to help minimize your costs and improve cleaning efficiency.

• Green certified products provide maximum cost effectiveness and cleaning performance which saves money and helps your facility go green.  Products are also available in a standard formula

• Floor and carpet cleaners • General purpose cleaners and degreasers

• Kitchen & Bathroom cleaners • Disinfectants and sanitizers • Liquid Deodorizer

• Car & Truck washes



The Neutron Industries Eco-Clean system simplifies training:

• Color-coded product application charts specific to your industry available in English, Spanish, and French

• Color-coded, silk-screened spray bottles means labels will never peel off and you will always be in compliance with OSHA standards

• Every system includes a comprehensive Training Manual with Product Information Sheets, MSDS, Cleaning procedures, and system operation instructions