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Zero In Wham Fogger - 4-oz Aerosol Can (Qty 12 Per Case)

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Product Description

Zero In™ Wham provides a hands-off method for killing both crawling and flying insects (both adult and larvae) on contact. Simply activate a can in an empty room and leave. Zero In Wham limits the exposure of the product to the user, making it safer than manual spray operations.

Zero In Wham’s ULV Fogging System kills bugs on contact. ULV (Ultra Low Volume) means that the visible blanket of dry fog consisting of microscopic particles is able to attack insects where they hide - behind baseboards, in openings around pipes, around door and window frames, etc.

Dry-spray Zero In Wham does away with messy residues that attract dirt and dust. The formula won’t leave a sticky, oily coating like what is sprayed out with wet spray insecticides. Used properly, Zero In Wham will not damage most valuable furniture, carpeting, draperies, and hard surfaces.

One highly-concentrated, 6-ounce can is all you need to treat an area measuring 4,000 cubic feet (20’X25’X8’). Kills ants, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, rice weevils, saw-toothed grain beetles, small flying moths, and ticks.

For use in apartments, dormitories, garages, kennels, pet grooming parlors, pet sleeping areas, veterinaries, factories, foodplants, hospitals, hotels, institutions, kitchens, nursing homes, office buildings, restrooms, schools, ships, storage areas, supermarkets, theaters, warehouses, and zoos.

Directions for Use

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  • Step 1: Preparation €“ Open cupboards, cabinets, trunks, and doors to area to be treated to allow maximum kill in all areas where insects can hide and breed. Close outside doors and windows and shut off fans and air conditioning to maximize killing power of fog. Remove pets, birds, and tightly cover or remove fish bowls and aquariums before spraying. Cover waxed wood floors and waxed furniture in the immediate area surrounding the fogger (newspapers may be used). Remove or cover exposed foods, dishes, utensils or food handling equipment. All food processing surfaces should be covered during treatment or thoroughly cleaned before using. Shut off electrical appliances. Do not place activated fogger in a cabinet or under a counter or table. Do not use fogger in an area less than 100 cubic feet.
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  • Step 2: Activate the Fogger - Shake Well Just Before Using.
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  • Place a section of newspaper on floor in center of room to be treated. NOTE: Do not place fogger on water-stainable surface. Tilt can opening away from face and depress tab firmly with thumb until it clicks in locked position. Aiming spray away from face, set fogger on newspaper, leave room and close door. After activation, leave room or house at once. Keep area closed for 2 hours (30 minutes for flying insects) before airing out. Open all doors and windows and allow to air for 30 minutes. Repeat spraying in two weeks or when necessary.

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