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Zero In 797-A Powdered Insecticide - 3-oz Bottle (Qty 12 Per Case)

Item #122928
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$ 365.00
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Product Description

Zero In 797-A is a blend of natural and synthetic pyrethrins that sticks to insects’ bodies, quickly killing them. Coated pests transfer the powder to other pests and to their nests through close contact, killing all. Keeps killing as long as it stays dry. Can be used wherever bugs hide. EPA registered. Safe to use around children, pets and plants.

Kills ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, lice, ticks, pillbugs, millipedes, drywood termites, centipedes, earwigs, sowbugs, ground beetles and scorpions. Is great for use in restaurants, stores, hotels, offices, plants, warehouses, truck trailers, railroad cars, bakeries, beverage plants, supermarkets, meat & poultry processing plants, motels, hospitals, schools and theaters.

Not available for sale in CA

Directions for Use

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  • Apply powder to door ways, under cabinets, along baseboard, sides of buildings - anywhere pests travel.
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