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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas   Neutron's industrial strength products will eliminate your toughest sulfide, mercaptan, and hydrocarbon compound odors.

Oil refineries and petrochemical plants often generate large volumes of odor from the processing and refining of different fuels. Sulfides, mercaptans, and hydrocarbon compounds are all significant challenges related to the oil industry. The odors generated from these industrial compounds can create nuisance issues and generate concern among local air boards and the public.

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Oil & Gas

Laboratory tests prove patented ingredient SE-500 boosts the natural odor-eliminating power of NI-712 Orange Select's citrus oils to eliminate mercaptan, sulfur and petroleum odors.

Oil & Gas

D-Molish Now! is an enzymatic cleaner that has trillions of living enzymes that effectively neutralized natural gas odorants such as Mercaptan.  Use to clean up spills, treat empty drums or remove Mercaptan from clothing and shoes.  As long as the enzymes stay moist they will continue to eliminate the source of the odor.

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Neutron Odor Control solutions can be used in a variety of areas around refineries including water treatment facilities, sludge ponds, sulfur recovery units, and API separators.  Our solutions eliminate odors during tank cleaning and maintenance operations.  Portable dispersion systems can also be used in the immediate work area to control malodors.  Neutron products can be directly injected into flues and stacks and my be used as a substitute scrubbing solution in some applications.

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Eliminates Tough Odors


Substitute Scrubbing Solution


Works on Settling and Sludge Ponds


Variety of Applications


Great for Oil Storage