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Veterinary Industry Package (6 products)

Item #129089
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Product Description

This package includes six specialty products to clean, disinfect and control odors in every area of your business.   

Germ Control Concentrated Disinfectant-Cleaner (1 gallon)
Concentrated, multi-surface, germicidal detergent and disinfectant.
Recommended for animal quarters and kennels in veterinary clinics and pet kennels.
EPA Registered to kill Canine Coronavirus, Canine Parvovirus, Bordetella (kennel cough) Canine Distemper virus,Rabies, SARS-CoV-2, and Swine Influenza A *Refer to our website for a complete list of viruses

Triple Threat Defense Disinfectant Cleaner (2 quarts)
Perfect for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are touched often.
Fresh scent. Ready-to-use.
EPA Registered to kill a broad range of pathogens including Rabies virus, Norovirus, Feline calicivirus, Canineparvovirus, Rhinovirus, Rotavirus, and SARS-CoV-2

NI-712 Fresh Orange Odor Eliminator (1 can 8oz)
Heavy-duty odor eliminator that can handle any odor that you might encounter.
Non-aerosol pump spray can contains more than 1500 sprays.

Germicidal Giant Ready-to-Use Disinfectant-Cleaner (1 can - 18oz)
Versatile foaming disinfectant and virucide that cleans and disinfects in one step.
Effective against HIV-1, Canine parvovirus, and Salmonella choleraesuis. See the full list of pathogens on our website!

Clean Skin Mango Foaming Hand Soap (1 bottle 16.9oz)
Perfect for general hand-washing. Removes grease, dirt and more. pH balanced and gentle on hands.
Contains mild detergents, emollients and skin conditioners which leave hands clean, soft and smooth.

D-Molish Enzymatic Orange Scented Cleaner & Odor Eliminator (2 quarts)
Produces trillions of enzymes that digest anything organic (food, urine, vomit, blood) eliminating the stains andodors from carpeting, tile, grout and cement.
Use to clean and maintain free-flowing drains. 


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