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Re-Open Ready Package (4 products) 128430


Re-Open Ready Package (4 products)

Item #128430
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Product Description

Clean!  Disinfect!  Smell Good!

Package includes four products you'll need to keep your business "doors-open" ready.

Triple Threat Defense Fresh Scented Ready-to-Use Disinfectant-Cleaner (6 quarts).  Perfect for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are touched often - counters, chairs, bed frames, wheel chairs, door handles, vending machines and more.  On the EPA's List N for use against COVID-19.  

Streamline Botanical Bliss Scented Multi-Task All-Purpose Cleaner (2 quarts).  Use everywhere every day! Perfect for pre-cleaning hard surfaces prior to disinfecting. Spray on greasy soiled surfaces and wipe clean with a soft cloth or towel. 

D-Molish NOW Enzymatic Fresh Scented Cleaner & Odor Eliminator (2 quarts).  Contains trillions of enzymes that digest anything organic.  Use after cleaning up spills on floors or carpet to digest anything left behind and around toilets and urinals to remove urine and other wastes from tile, grout and cement.

Be "smell good" ready with NI-712 “Happy Energy” Odor Eliminator (1 can 12oz).  It's an ultra bright, crisp scent that blends citrus with fresh floral and aquatic accents providing a feel-good energizing effect.  Powered with compress air instead of harmful chemical propellants, it can be sprayed from any position - even upside down to eliminate your worst odors.