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Daycare / Education

Daycare / Education   We realize that the reason you decided to pursue a career working with children wasn't so that you could clean every day.

Figuring out what product is the best for your situation and what should be used where, can be daunting.  That's why we're here providing the right product solutions for every issue helping you with that side of the business.  Neutron products are formulated so that keeping your facility clean, healthy and safe is easy, leaving you time to do what you do best - caring for and teaching our kids.


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​We understand the sanitizing and disinfecting needs you have with child care and how that can affect attendance and funding. We also understand the hassle factors that come with using common liquid household bleach. That’s why we offer a safer alternative. With 50+ kill claims against a wide array of pathogens (including Staph, E-coli, Strep, Salmonella), a neutral pH so it's less corrosive and damaging, greater stability than bleach, and the convenience of making the product as needed, Power Tabs can improve your sanitizing and disinfecting processes.


​Eco-Power All Purpose Cleaner is perfect to use on all your hard surfaces and was created specifically to cut through the gunk and grime you experience.  We heard that the general purpose cleaners you currently use aren't getting the tough sticky and gumpy messes off requiring extra time and effort.  We tested Eco-Power All Purpose on honey, chocolate syrup and glue and it out performed the competition.  On top of the fact that it gets the job done right the first time, it is formulated using biodegradable EPA Safer Choice approved ingredients making it safer for your kids and the environment.

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Our child care customers tell us they use three main products - disinfectants (bleach), all purpose cleaners and odor control.  We also found that spill clean-up, potty training and getting the gunk and grime off surfaces were challenges you face on a daily basis.  We have been selling to and working with our child care customers for more than 40 years and have developed products specifically formulated for the unique cleaning challenges you face.

How Daycare / Education Benefit From Our Solutions


Safer Alternative to Common Liquid Household Bleach


Safer Choice Partner of the Year Two Years Running for Eco-Power Product Line


Enzymatic Cleaner Digest Organic Messes (think vomit or urine)


Variety of Odor Control Products


Specialty Product For Spill Clean Up (turns vomit into gel for easy quick up and removal)