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NI-712 Odor Eliminator - Variety Pak, Case of 9 Pints - Neutron Industries

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Quick Overview

NI-712 Odor Eliminator eliminates foul odors in seconds – even skunk odor.

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NI-712 eliminates the worst odors in 3.5 seconds! Even skunk odors disappear in seconds. Super-concentrated; one spray keeps an average room odor-free for up to eight hours. Unlike most "grocery store" air fresheners, NI-712 actually eliminates odor, it doesn't just cover it up.  NI-712 eliminates the most pungent airborne odors: smoke odor from cigars and cigarettes, spoiled food, fish odor, cooking odors, medical condition odors, incontinence odors, urine odor, pet odor, vomit and many other foul smelling odors. Use NI-712 virtually anywhere to eliminate airborne odors: restrooms, lobbies, hotels, daycare facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, pet care and much more!

Includes one of each of the following:

  • NI-712 Sweet Lemon
  • NI-712 Red Delicious
  • NI-712 Tropical Isle
  • NI-712 Orange
  • NI-712 Clothesline Fresh
  • NI-712 Cinnaberry
  • NI-712 Warm Summer Night
  • NI-712 Tiki Beach
  • NI-712 Lime Blossom