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NI-712 Disinfecting Cleaning Concentrate - Citrus - Gallon (Qty 4 Per Case) 103098


NI-712 Disinfecting Cleaning Concentrate - Citrus - Gallon (Qty 4 Per Case)

Item #103098
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Product Description

NI-712 Disinfecting Cleaning Concentrate is a phosphate-free, pH neutral formulation designed to provide effective cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfection for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, restaurants, office buildings, hotels, and other facilities where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling cross-contamination from treated surfaces.

EPA registered to kill a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses including the Human coronavirus.

NI-712 DCC also deodorizes those areas which generally are hard to keep fresh smelling, such as garbage storage areas, empty garbage bins and cans, toilet bowls and other areas which are prone to odors caused by microorganisms.

Directions for Use

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  • Disinfectant: Dilute 2 ounce per gallon of water (1:64) to disinfect inanimate, hard non-porous surfaces. Apply solution with a mop, cloth, sponge, hand-pump trigger sprayer or low pressure coarse sprayer so as to wet all surfaces thoroughly. Allow to remain wet for 10 minutes, then remove excess liquid. For spray applications, spray 6-8 inches from surface, rub with brush, sponge or cloth. Do not breathe spray mist. For heavily soiled areas, a pre-cleaning step is required. Prepare a fresh solution for each use.

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