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MagnifiScent Neutral Floor & Hard Surface Cleaner - Citrus Clean - Gallon (Qty 4 Per Case)

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Product Description

MagnifiScent Neutral Cleaner is specially formulated for use on all types of finished floor surfaces including vinyl, tile, sealed wood, laminate, terrazzo, concrete and more. It can also be used to clean most water-washable surfaces including walls, tables, countertops and more. It is powerful enough to cut through and loosen dirt and built-up soil, but its neutral pH formula makes it gentle enough for sensitive floor surfaces. Will not attack, yellow or dissolve finish when used as directed and will not leave a soap film.

MagnifiScent Neutral Cleaner is super concentrated and can be diluted to fit all cleaning needs. Has a clean citrusy scent.

Directions for Use

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  • Floor Cleaning: For light soils dilute 1oz of MagnifiScent per gallon of cool tap water. For medium soils use 3oz per gallon of water and for heavy soils, dilute 4 oz per gallon of water. Mop floors using traditional equipment.
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  • Auto Scrubber: MagnifiScent is a controlled foaming formula making it perfect for auto scrubber machine use. To avoid excessive foaming, use at low dilutions. For light soils use 1oz per gallon of cool tap water; medium-heavy soils use 2oz per gallon.
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  • General Cleaning: Dilute ½ oz of MagnifiScent in a quart spray bottle. Use to clean a wide range of water-washable surfaces including tables, counters, chairs, walls, and more. For heavy soils, use 1 oz of MagnifiScent per quart of water.

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