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Knock Out Graffiti Remover - 19-oz Aerosol Can (Qty 12 Per Case)

Item #121710-12
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$ 310.00
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Product Description

Knock Out Graffiti Remover penetrates thick, caked-on layers of greasy grime and leaves surfaces brilliant. Works on vinyl, Linoleum, ceramic tile, stainless steel, fiberglass, metals and aluminum.

Knock Out eats floor dirt and grime under vending machines; removes tar, grease and bugs from car bumpers; removes hard water deposits from showers and sinks; de-soots fireplace walls and chimneys; removes Betadine® stains from linens, floors, carpets and equipment.

Knock Out's thick foam clings to vertical surfaces for extended cleaning power - there's no need to keep applying product to follow what has “dribbled” down without cleaning the soiled surface.

For use on floors, car and truck bumpers, shower stalls and sinks, fireplace walls and chimneys, whitewall tires, under appliances and vending machines.

Directions for Use

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  • Shake well before using. Hold can 6 to 10 inches from surface to be sprayed. Cover surface with a thin, even coating. Do not use on painted or varnished surfaces if paint removal is not desired. Immediately wipe off any overspray. Wait 3 to 5 minutes to allow Knock Out to penetrate. Wipe surface with a damp rag or sponge. For tough stains, use a mild abrasive pad. On rough surfaces such as brick, use a brush. Rinse surface with clean water. To prevent clogging, turn can upside down and spray a short jet of gas after completing each job.

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