Grease-B-Gone Drain Maintainer - Gallon (Qty 4 Per Case) 121286


Grease-B-Gone Drain Maintainer - Gallon (Qty 4 Per Case)

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Product Description

Grease-B-Gone is a citrus-based formula that eliminates grease and sludge build-up from drains, floors, etc. Grease-B-Gone emulsifies in water and can be used as a degreaser for walls and equipment.

Directions for Use

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  • Drain & Grease Trap Maintenance: Pour in a solution of 8 ounces (½ pint) of GREASE-B-GONE per gallon of water. Allow to stand for 1 hour. Flush with hot tap water.
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  • General Cleaning & Degreasing: Dilute 4 ounces of GREASE-B-GONE per gallon of warm water. For effective results, apply generously to greasy equipment, floors, or walls with mop, sponge, or cloth. Allow to set approximately 5 minutes. Rinse with clean water. Not for use on synthetic or resilient tile floors.

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