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Funeral Industry Package (7 products)

Item #129088
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Product Description

This package includes seven specialty products to clean, disinfect and control odors in both the public and private areas of your business.

Triple Threat Defense Disinfectant Cleaner (2 quarts)
Truly an all-in-one ready-to-use product with a fresh scent. Disinfectant, cleaner, deodorizer, bactericidal, virucide,tuberculocidal, mildewstat and fungicide. Use in corpse processing areas and prep rooms/morgue to clean anddisinfect. 1-minute standard dwell time on hard non-porous surfaces.
Can be used to clean and sanitize corpse.

NI-712 Goo Remover Citrus Solvent (1 can 8oz non-aerosol)
Easily removes adhesives, crayon, grease, gum, heel and scuff marks, labels, oil paint, tar and much more.
Safe to use on skin and hair to remove adhesives.

Cherry Charm Odor Absorbing Granules (2 - 1 pound shaker canisters)
A versatile, granular odor absorbent that can be used to control odors from body bags, caskets, coolers, medicalwaste containers, cremation containers, transport vehicles and more.
Biodegradable, non-corrosive and acid-free. Has a pleasant cherry scent.
Contains natural Citronella oil that can help to repel insects at gravesite.

NeuAction Enzymatic Drain Maintainer (2 quarts)
Enzymes target and accelerate the breakdown of a large variety of organic materials including large particles of fats,oils, greases (FOG), starches, blood and proteins making it ideal for use in prep room tables and drains.
Reduces odors and suspended solids. Leaves behind a pleasant mint fragrance..

AbraCadabra Powdered Adsorbent (1 bottle 8oz)
Use for corpse processing area. Turns liquid messes into firm gel in seconds - just like magic!
Absorbs up to 70 times its own weight in fluids. One 8oz container absorbs up to 4 gallons of liquid.

Formuflex Clear Adhesive/Sealant (1 tube 5oz)
Use to seal any incision and prevent leaks. Also use to seal eyelids, lips, and organ donors
Skins in about 10 minutes so you’re able to work with it and manipulate it and dries in 24 hours - even adheres on damp skin

NI-712 Botanical Bliss Odor Eliminator (1 can 10oz)
Powerful odor eliminator eliminates the worst odors in seconds.
Delivers a super fine mist for greater coverage with no fallout that could cause slippery floors.
Allergen-free scent that blends touches of citrus, green tea, jasmine and deep woodzy undertones.


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