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F-323 Carpet Extraction Cleaner - Fresh - Gallon (Qty 4 Per Case)

Item #123068
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Product Description

Cleaners and special emulsifiers penetrate, break down and remove oil, grease and water-soluble stains. Deep cleaning action lifts embedded soil as well as the tiny particles that cause carpet wear. Contains fibronite™, which makes carpeting appear brighter; fibers reflect light and shine like new. Residual action delays resoiling, so carpets need to be cleaned less frequently.

Highly concentrated and economical to use; mix only the amount needed.

Includes a de-foamer in the formula, so there's no need to add one. Contains SE-500™, Neutron's powerful, patented odor-eliminating ingredient. Removes carpet odors and leaves a fresh fragrance! Can be used in hot water extraction machines, all makes and models. Effectively cleans both natural and synthetic fibers. Dilution ratios: Light-duty cleaning, 1:64 Medium-duty cleaning, 1:32 Heavy-duty cleaning, 1:20 Compression sprayer, 1:10

Directions for Use

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  • Extraction: Test carpet for colorfastness. Vacuum carpet thoroughly. Mix product with hot water as follows: Light Cleaning 1:64, Moderate Cleaning 1:32, Heavy Cleaning 1:20. Inject and extract following extraction procedures. Place aluminum foil under legs of furniture while carpet is drying.
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  • For use as pre-spray: Test carpet for colorfastness. Mix 1:10 with water in a compression sprayer. Apply to a 200 square foot section. Let stand 3-5 minutes. Proceed with cleaning procedures. NOTE: Over-wetting may cause shrinkage of carpeting.

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