For 39 years Neutron has been eliminating even the worst odors with NI-712.  This super-concentrated formula laughs at putrid odors such as mercaptans, sulphur, medical conditions, medical waste, petroleum, chemical processing, waste treatment, smoke, even fire damage, and more.  Many refer to NI-712 as the skunk smell neutralizer, others refer to it as the great smelling orange stuff…whatever they call it, they always know they are getting a superior product that gets the job done right the first time!

In 1978 Neutron was born in Torrance, California.  Cary J. Zucker was a very hard working visionary who started Neutron as a one-man call center.  He started dialing out selling our first product Blue Base.  (Blue Base is still one of our top selling cleaning products, it’s known now as State 999.) This enterprising young man, went on to become the President/CEO of Neutron Industries. The operation soon transferred to warm and sunny, Cave Creek, Arizona and built to a staff of over 30.  In 1986 the Neutron crew packed up and moved south, down the street to Phoenix, and it is still where we all call home today.

Long time employees here at Neutron remember when they only had one NI-712 flavor to sell to their customers, and that was and still is our flagship product, NI-712 Orange.  With over 24 other delicious flavors to choose from these days, it’s no wonder that Neutron Industries ships over 19,800 cases of      NI-712 a year, and currently has over 21,900 customers!

You may not be able to visit Phoenix for a piece of cake to celebrate NI-712’s birthday, but there are other sweet opportunities you can feast on during our birthday month.

  1. We will be highlighting our latest and greatest new NI-712 scent during the whole month of July. NI-712 Vanilla Cream.

  2. Birthday cards will be in all full cases of product purchased between June 12th and July 31st.  Even though it’s our birthday, the 20% coupon is a gift for you!

  3. And as always, feel free to call your friendly Neutron representative for other current in-house specials.

    Happy Birthday to our great smelling, odor eliminating, NI-712, and to all a great smelling year ahead!