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AbraCadabra - 8-oz Bottle (Qty 12 Per Case)

Item #127838
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Product Description

AbraCadabra makes cleaning up unpleasant or dangerous messes a little more tolerable. AbraCadabra powdered absorbent turns liquid into manageable gel in seconds which makes cleaning up easier. This powdered gel absorbs 70 times its own weight. One canister absorbs 4 gallons of liquid.

A pleasant apple fragrance helps to eliminate foul odors associated with spills.

Perfect for cleaning up:

  •          Urine
  •          Vomit
  •          Broken Bottles/Glass
  •          Body Fluids
  •          Acid-Based Spills
  •          Alkaline-Based Spills
  •          Water-Based Messes

AbraCadabra can also be used to clean up small gasoline and diesel fuel spills.

AbraCadabra is easy to use. Sprinkle the powdered gel over the spill until covered and allow liquid to congeal. Remove congealed spills with a broom or wet vacuum. 

AbraCadabra can be used on both carpet and hard surfaces.

Great for use in for Hospitality, Childcare facilities, Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities, Restaurants, Offices, and Mechanic/Automotive garages where fuel is more likely to be a problem.


"Abracadabra" is used in magic tricks and that's exactly how you'll feel about this product. It works like magic turning liquid spills and messes into a gel making cleanup a breeze. 

Directions for Use

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  • Prep: Put on disposable gloves if liquids are potentially harmful.
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  • Sprinkle: Cover spill completely with AbraCadabra.
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  • Wait: Allow AbraCadabra to totally absorb liquid and congeal.
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  • Remove: Use wet vac or dust mop and broom to collect and dispose of congealed liquid.
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  • Finish: Clean and disinfect area.

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