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Our industrial strength products eliminate your toughest odors, germs, and dirt. Our proprietary technology has been trusted by professionals for over 100 years.

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Stop the spread of the Zika Virus!

With the spread of Zika, people and businesses alike are working fast to safeguard facilities, shipping trucks, shipping containers, homes and more to stay protected. The possibilities of Zika spreading is still a risk and taking the proper steps to stay protected is top priority. With mass transit in and out of Florida, Zika born mosquitos could also inadvertently move around the country in the back of semi truck trailers, vehicles, luggage, shipping containers or other payloads coming from Florida...

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Neutron Industries Adds Tropical Paradise to Its Line of NI-712 Odor Eliminators Featuring Continuous Spray Technology

NI-712 Tropical Paradise, is expected to be a popular follow up to Neutron’s signature Orange, which was the first NI-712 scent to be introduced using the continuous spray delivery system.

Imagine the warm sun on your face, floating in warm tropical waters, and the smell of hibiscus and plumeria lingering in the air!  Bright, bold florals and ripe, juicy fruits indulge your senses...    

Phoenix, Arizona – June 15, 2015 – Based on strong customer response, Neutron Industries today launched a sixth fragrance with the technology-forward, bag-on-valve delivery system in its NI-712 line.  While NI-712 Odor Eliminator still is available in liquid pints with attachable trigger sprayers, this new technology, commonly known as continuous spray, takes Neutron’s flagship product to the next level for customers seeking greater convenience and effectiveness.

Using continuous spray technology, which is most often seen in sunscreen products, NI-712 Continuous Spray delivers a fine mist for a wider coverage area and no product fallout.  It sprays in any position, even upside down, with no sprayers required.  Continuous spray technology uses only compressed air to push product out of a bag inside the can.  That means it’s more eco-friendly because it’s non-aerosol and contains no propellants.  Even the cans are made of recyclable steel.

NI-712 Tropical Paradise goes on sale June 15, 2015.

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