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Bug Bandit Wristbands, Bucket of 12 Wristbands - Neutron IndustriesBug Bandit Wristbands, Bucket of 12 Wristbands - Neutron Industries
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Bug Bandit Wristbands, Bucket of 12 Wristbands - Neutron Industries

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Bug Bandit Wristbands provide personal protection that won't wear off.

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Bug Bandit contains Geraniol, a safe, natural insect repellent that protects people against everything from mosquitoes and  ticks to tiny no-see-ums. It is the first effective alternative to products containing DEET. This new type of repellent is derived from oils extracted from plants (i.e. Lemon Grass) that have a natural ability to protect themselves against feeding insects. Geraniol is able to provide hours of protection against a wide range of biting insects.

Not only are mosquitoes, ticks and flies annoying, they also have disease-carrying potential (West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, Zika and more). Don’t let these and other biting insects get in your way this summer. Arm yourself with the best protection possible.

You can affix to wrists, belt loops hat bands, shoelaces, in tents, baby carriages. Won't wear off with time or weaken with perspiration or by swimming. They save you money to use because they have an active life of up to 120 hours and can be stored in its' reusable container when not in use.

We are a property management company and operate 10 hotels and various other properties. We are right on the water and the bugs are bad in the spring and summer. After  purchasing the (Bug Bandits), one of our mechanics needed to work on a motorboat in an area with lots of mosquitoes and gnats. The Bug Band wristband protected him against bites. Meanwhile, we noticed the landscapers swatting…we gave them (Bug Bandits) and no more swatting. Our grounds manager had to mow in a swampy area filled with biting insects. When he started mowing it stirred all of them up. He said his Bug Band wristband was 95% effective in preventing bites. Our painters and the groundskeepers responsible for picking up trash have used them and they work great. We also have an outside pool area with a bar and eating area. When the wind blows from the north, the flies are terrible. The waitresses wear the (Bug Bandits) on their belt loops and we also put them around a leg of the bar stools and no more flies. (Bug Bandits) are working great for us.

Sarge Gerlits - Harrison Gtoup, Ocean City, MD