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Tropical Fusion Signature Pack - NI-712 H2O Odor Eliminator, Streamline & D-Molish (Qty 12 per case)

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Product Description

There's no better way to create a continuous scent in your facility than using our Signature Scent packs. Use a variety of products that include incredible fragrance for all your everyday cleaning and odor elimination challenges. 

Limited Edition Tropical Fusion is an intriguing tropical scent where fresh citrus notes compliment the fusion of island-grown pineapple, spicy ginger, juicy blackberry, apple, plum and other fruits.   

This pack includes -  

NI-712 H2O Tropical Fusion Odor Eliminator   4 quarts 

  • Water-based odor eliminator perfect for eliminating odors from the air and from fabric, carpet, upholstery and other textiles.
  • Penetrates deep down into porous materials encapsulating the odor molecules and removing them.
  • For airborne odors, simply spray one or two short busts into the air to freshen room in seconds.  

Streamline Tropical Fusion Multi-Task All-Purpose Cleaner    4 quarts

  • Versatile multi-surface ready-to-use cleaner lifts grease and grime from hard surfaces - even cleans glass without streaking.
  • Contains CB-747 Cleaning Booster so surfaces stay clean longer and are easier to re-clean. 

D-Molish Tropical Fusion Enzymatic Cleaner, Stain Digester, and Odor Eliminator    4 quarts

  • An enzymatic stain and odor digester eliminates organic stains and odors from tile, grout, carpet and fabrics. Can also be used to maintain drains.
  • Use on floor and carpeting after cleaning up vomit or pet accidents to remove stains and odors.  Use around toilets and urinals to remove urine and other wastes from tile, grout and cement.  Can even be used to remove blood and other body fluid stains from linens.

NOTE:  Tropical Fusion D-Molish and Streamline are available exclusively as part of these signature scent packs.