Neutron Customer Testimonials

...We use a number of Neutron products; my account manager always answers my questions and returns calls promptly.  Your odor eliminators and cleaning supplies are top of the line and so are your account managers…

We have been a customer of Neutron Industries for many years.  We are a dental office and our standards are very high for the products we use in the office.  We use a number of Neutron products; my account manager always answers my questions and returns calls promptly.  Your products are top of the line and so are your sales representatives.  Thank you.

Jill Campbell - Dental Office Administrator

The uses for NI-712 Odor Eliminator are endless. In the rental business we are challenged daily with organic odors, smoke, and pet odors. We have used NI-712 for several years and have no desire to look any further; it simply eliminates all odors. It is by far the most convenient and effective product. I would recommend NI-712 to everyone.

Justin Cheney - JVC Enterprises, Inc.

After finishing another exciting summer camp here at the Jersey shore, We closed down the nursery school, and got down to the business of cleaning!  Here at Tiny Treasures Nursery School, we pride ourselves on the basics:  a good, simple preschool education in a safe, clean environment.  Neutron products allow me to present the school in that manner…sparkling clean!  We have a facility where parents are comfortable leaving their little ones.  Not only does it smell clean – it is clean! 

All the products I have purchased from Neutron have been a hit.  The products do exactly what I'm told they will do. At least a couple times a week parents come to me and say things like, "Your school is so clean!  It always smells so good in here!  Are the kids baking something today?"  You get the picture!

Thanks again Neutron for all your products! 

Janice Muller - Assistant Director, Tiny Treasures Nursery School

Your NI-712 Odor Eliminator is just fantastic. We use it on a regular basis to get rid of bad odors. We use NI-712 in our clinic, near the principal’s office, in the teachers lounge, and in the restroom areas. When we have a sick student, the student leaves some rather unpleasant odors in the clinic or in the restroom near the clinic.   The smell can be just terrible. By using NI-712 Orange in those areas the bad smell has disappeared.  Now it smells like a nice clean and fresh orange smell. I have been using NI-712 Orange for over a year. Your product is much better.  I use to use Lysol and it doesn’t work as well.  NI-712 Orange has a much better scent, and it doesn’t mask odors, it gets rid of them.  It’s easy to use, and leaves a very pleasant residual odor, not just when you first use it. NI-712 Orange has a nice residual scent that lasts for hours after you use it.

Vicki Gill - Central High School (Manchester, TN)

Funeral homes get musty odors. Especially, after the flowers are taken out, the rooms get a really musty smell. I have been using NI-712 Field of Flowers for the last three years to get rid of the musty odors.  Field of Flowers, also, draws out the fragrances of the fresh flowers that are here during the funerals, it really enhances the smell of the flowers.

The NI-712 odor eliminator fragrances just seem to last forever and I don’t have to go through a lot of it. You notice the smell of the fresh flowers more, and everyone likes that.

I’m one of these people that is willing to try new stuff, but I’m still cautious about it.   I do feel comfortable trying something new, because I have had the same salesman for years, that makes me feel comfortable to try something new. He tells me if someone has tried something and liked it.  He’ll say “Do you want to try it” and he is honest about it.  He doesn’t call and tell me something that isn’t true, like a lot of sales people. He won’t recommend something unless he has proof it’s a good product and if I still don’t like it I can send it back with no problem.  He also calls me with tips on how to use products.  Bernie, has been a really good salesman. 

You guys carry very good products. You could buy cheaper products, but your products seems to last longer so you get more for your money.

Bill Hermann - Hermann Funeral Home (Stockton, IL)

I started with four of the 24/7 Automatic Dispensers my building (4,000 square feet) using the Orange Lite fragrance.  It worked beautifully!  I decided to add four more dispensers in the building because the daycare area was expanding.  Now when we walk in, the building smells clean and fresh!  Thanks so muck for giving me great products for our school that are safe for the animals but still smell good!

Debra Schneider - Owner, AllBreed Obedience