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D-Molish Now! Enzymatic Digester & Deodorizer - Case of 12 Quarts - Neutron IndustriesD-Molish Now! Enzymatic Digester & Deodorizer - Case of 12 Quarts - Neutron Industries
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  • D-Molish Now!Enzymatic Digester & Deodorizer
  • D-Molish Now! Enzymatic Digester & Deodorizer - Case of 12 Quarts
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D-Molish Now! Enzymatic Digester & Deodorizer - Case of 12 Quarts - Neutron Industries

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Quick Overview

D-Molish Now! neutralizes odors immediately then digests odor source.  Neutron’s patented ingredient SE-500™ works instantly to destroy foul odor.  These powerful bacteria produce trillions of enzymes that organically digest the odor source for long-term odor control.  D-Molish Now! is perfect for foul odor “emergencies”  where instant and long-lasting odor control are both required.

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Cleans and maintains drains and grease traps - avoids expensive plumbing service calls; removes urine and other organic wastes from tile, grout and cement. Removes tough organic stains from carpet, upholstery, laundry and other fabrics - eliminates the need to professionally clean or replace stained items. Non-acid, non-alkali, non-solvent. Safe to use in all types of drains; metal or PVC plastic. Beneficial to septic systems.

Safe to use around people, pets, marine life and plants when used as directed. Perfect for pet odor in carpet! Refer to product label for complete list of applications and uses.

Available in Fresh Orange, AppleScent, Spring Fresh, Sweet Lemon and Daydream.

This product is available in drums. Please call 866-529-1559 for pricing.

Customer Reviews

Great product Review by Pet urine smell saver
Product Quality
I've tried many different products for dog urine smell. D-molish has been a lifesaver. I would highly recommend this product!! Glad I found you! (Posted on 12/27/2016)
Odors Gone Review by CondoCleaner
Product Quality
I use this in my rental unit. Down the drains, around the stove, under the sink cabinets, empty refrigerators, curtains, floors, walls, overstuffed furniture, The Rooms smell fresh and clean. And, I can rest assured that a guest wont get grossed out by some weird stink. (Posted on 5/19/2016)
Stonewell VetPack Box Review by lw
Product Quality
Been using this product for a while now. We love it. Would not be with out it. (Posted on 5/2/2016)
Potty Training Oopsies Review by Just Clean
I have a friend who was potty training her child and the child would sit on the carpet playing and totally soak an area. She wanted suggestions on how to get her child's urine smell out of the carpet. I had this on hand from cleaning where I work and she tried some on there. She put a wet towel over it as directed and in the morning the smell was gone! She was hooked and had to get some for herself. Thank you for such a great product! (Posted on 9/27/2014)
Great for skunk scent Review by Cliff
A few squirts of D-molish and the skunk scent on my boots was completely removed. It's also very handy with puppy piddles, to clean and remove the odor so that the puppy won't return to the same spot. In all, it's a great product! (Posted on 2/4/2014)

I want to tell you that your D-Molish Now is amazing!  I have a storage shed that developed a very serious mouse and chipmunk infestation.  We baited the mice and then cleared everything out of the shed.  Everything was covered in feces and urine from the rodents and the odor from the dead mice was very bad!  The shed smelled horrible!  The concerete was stained six inches from all of the walls.  After we cleaned up all of the waste, we sprayed the D-Molish and warm water on the floor and closed the shed for the night.  Twenty four hours later, I opened the door to see how bad it was.  What I discovered made my jaw drop:  the shed smelled great!  The stains on the floor were gone, and I smelled no foul odor!  We washed the floors and walls one more time, and everything was clean and fresh.  D-Molish Now saved our shed!  Thank you for a wonderful product.  D-Molish rocks!

Phyllis Aavang - Lady Bug Group Home Child Care, Woodstock, IL


I LOVE D-Molish!  It is a fantastic product.  I use it in my laundry for the doggie pads and blankets; I use it for spraying my bedding before I make my bed every day; and I use in my motor home.

I had a stain in my carpeting from a sick dog for over two years that I could not remove, no matter what I used.  I sprayed the D-Molish and added the same amount of water.  Then I covered the stain with a wet towel to keep the enzymes working.  Forty-eight hours later, that part of my carpeting was cleaner than any other part.  I will be using D-Molish when I steam clean my tile and my carpeting from now on!

What I especially like is that D-Molish has such a clean fragrance, not medicinal, not overwhelming.  I can honestly attest that this is one of the best products I have ever come across.  I've been showing dogs for over 30 years and have never been happier with a product like like I am with D-Molish.

Karen Van Brummelen, Muncy, PA


I am a horse trainer and have been in the business for over 30 years professionally.  I have managed my own facility and have operated out of several other facilities over the years.  Barns have many organic odors and I have fought them with bleach and many other products.  Since I have started using D-Molish and your concentrated deodorizer, my barn does not smell like one!  The lasting power is far beyond any other product I have ever used.  I just recently came back from vacation to find that my cat had left the remains of a chipmunk on my off-white carpet.  D-Molish Now took out the blood in 20 minutes with a warm towel.  I thank you for your great products. 

Holly Parks Robinson - HPR Stables, Akron, Ohio


I would love to thank you for a product you make. I never do this, but have sent a "testimonial" to my daughter-in-law about use of your D-Molish.  It has absolutely saved my white carpet.  We have 2 big dogs and 2 cats.  One of them is periodically using the carpet for what they are supposed to do elsewhere. I don't know which one is the culprit, so I can't deal with it head-on.  But, I can deal with it with D-Molish.  I spray it on the carpet, then spray over the area with a spray of water, cover it with a damp cloth, and the next day it's gone.  You may wonder about my sanity for putting in white carpet with animals, but they weren't here when I installed the cpareting.  Now I can keep my white carpet and my animals with D-Molish Now!

I usually avoid calls from those who telemarket, but I am lucky that I answered yours!  The D-Molish product has been "beta" tested in our feline enclosures here at Bear Creek Feline center, Panama City, Florida, with very positive results.

As we discussed, the USDA mandates that as licensees, we must use an 8 to 1 water/chlorine bleach solution for cage cleaning.  Chlorine bleach is harsh and can be quite obnoxious when inhaled.  D-Molish Now! has a pleasant smell and has not been found to be dangerous to any of the six species of wild felines which have been exposed to it.  It does the job as well as the bleach solution without the undesirable side effects.  Please feel free to quote me as a satisfied client.

Jim Broaddus, Director - Bear Creek Feline Center


My company deals largely with the medical community, cleaning their facilities. We took over a health care facility which had been neglected. The restrooms smelled no matter what we did, including power washing the walls and floors with a disinfectant. I received your catalogue and tried D-Molish Now! in the urinals and bowls and the odor has disappeared FOREVER. I love that product and it definitely breaks down the urine deposits and allows the water to run freely in the bowls. I will never stop using this product. Thank you.

Pat Wem - Clean Sweep, Commercial Cleaning


I haven’t found a stain that D-Molish Now! could not remove.  It’s wonderful!  I have never seen anything like it.  I use it for everything.  This place was open for 5 years and was in pretty sad shape as far as being clean and D-Molish has really helped.  I mean if there is a spot on the wall or just about anywhere, I’ll use it.  I haven’t found a stain that D-Molish could not remove.  In particular, I remember when we were in the process of cleaning our carpets, and there was one with a red wine stain. I tried several products to try to get it out and couldn’t.  I even tried a professional carpet cleaner and had it steam cleaned, but the stain still wouldn’t come out.  I was so impressed.  I had a red wine stain that nothing else could take out, except D-Molish.  WOW!

Betty Jacobs - Spearfish, SD

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