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Ecolution Odor Remover - Crisp Linen, Case of 4 Gallons - Neutron Industries

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Quick Overview

Ecolution Odor Remover Crisp Linen is a powerful and eco-friendly odor eliminator.  It is concentrated so it can be diluted to different strenghts. 

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Ecolution Odor Remover is a highly concentrated and eco-friendly odor eliminator that you can use for virtually any odor. It is effective when sprayed into the air and directly on surfaces such as fabrics and carpeting. Simply dilute with water and apply through a spray bottle or fogging system for cost-effective odor control.

Ecolution Odor Remover has a refreshing crisp linen scent. It is preferred for its safer ingredients and environmental impacts. Contains SE-500, Neutron's patented odor elimination ingredient which makes it far more effective than anything else on the market.