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SE-500 Enzymatic Cleaner & Deodorizer, Case of 12 Quarts - Neutron Industries

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SE-500 Enzymatic Cleaner neutralizes odors immediately then digests odor source.  Neutron’s patented ingredient works instantly to destroy foul odor. These powerful bacteria produce trillions of enzymes that organically digest the odor source for long-term odor control.  SE-500 Enzymatic Cleaner is perfect for foul odor “emergencies” where instant and long-lasting odor control are both required.


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Delivers a refreshing clean, fresh fragrance while it goes to work on tough stains and odors.  Cleans and maintains drains and grease traps; removes organic stains and odors from laundry, carpet, upholstery and fabrics; removes urine and other organic wastes from tile, grout and cement.  Enhance your mop and bucket cleaning:  the good bacteria in SE-500 Enzymatic Cleaner and Deodorizer digest spills, grease and other organic material that have accumulated over time, leaving floors truly deep-cleaned and odor free!  Maintains drains and grease traps - avoids expensive plumbing service calls.  Removes tough organic stains from carpet, upholstery, laundry and other fabrics - eliminates the need to professionally clean or replace stained items.  Delivers a refreshing clean, fresh fragrance. Use with other SE-500TM products to keep your business looking clean and smelling fresh!  Non-acid, non-alkali, non-solvent. Safe to use in all types of drains, metal or PVC plastic. Beneficial to septic systems. Safe to use around people, pets, marine life and plants when used as directed.  Use on drains, grease traps, showers, lift stations, sewage plants, septic tanks, sinks, dumpsters, toilets, urinals, tile, grout, cement, carpeting, laundry, draperies, and more. Refer to product label for complete list of applications and uses.  Case of 12 quarts ships with six trigger sprayers.

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