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NI-712 Empty Pints with Sprayer - Clothesline Fresh - Pint (Qty 4 Per Case)

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Product Description

NI-712 Super Concentrated Odor Eliminators work fast eliminating your worst airborne odors in seconds.  They contain Neutron’s patented ingredient SE-500.  One spray keeps an average 10x10x10 room odor-free for up to eight hours.

NI-712 is truly an industrial strength product.  It eliminates odors – doesn’t just cover them up like so many other products and is effective against the most pungent odors including: smoke odor from cigars and cigarettes, spoiled food, fish odor, cooking odors, medical condition odors, incontinence odors, urine odor, pet odor, vomit… even skunk and Mercaptan odors.

Available in a number of fantastic scents and convenient assortments.

AppleScent - fresh, juicy tart green apples.

Botanical Bliss – touches of citrus combined with green tea and jasmine plus deep woodsy undertones.

Cinnaberry - warm spicy cinnamon and sweet berries all rolled into one delicious, mouth-watering scent.

Clothesline Fresh - crisp and fresh. Like perfectly laundered and line dried linens with a hint of wildflowers.

Coconut Mango - tropical blend of dreamy coconut, warm vanilla and tangy mangos.

Fresh Orange - juicy, fresh cut oranges.

Island Dream - fresh coconut and pineapple melt together with accents of plumeria and vanilla.

Lavender Meadow - fresh florals, lush greens and brisk woodsy notes make this fragrance uplifting and earthy.

Lime Blossom - a medley of tropical Baja Lime and citrus enhanced with the scent of dew-covered blossoms.

Passionfruit Citrus - a beautiful, juicy blend of tropical fruit.

Pomegranate Sangria - fresh berries with a clean, crisp hint of citrus.

Red Delicious - scent of crisp red delicious apples bursting with flavor.

Snowy River - the smooth scent of pine, amber and sandalwood with a touch of mandarin and cool mountain air.

Sugar Frosted Pinecone - blend of sugary-vanilla with patchouli and light woods. A refreshing wintry outdoor scent.

Sweet Lemon - sunny, zesty lemon with sweet velvety vanilla.

Tiki Beach - an island blend of toasted coconut, vanilla musk and purple orchids infused with citrus and pineapple.

Tropical Isle - a delicious blend of sparkling citrus, island ozone’s and tropical fruit that creates a real tropical splash.

Valley Rain - spring rain. Fresh, cool and clean.

Vanilla Cream - the perfect marriage of vanilla and cream. A classic vanilla scent.

Warm Summer Nights - gentle ocean breezes combined with romantic flowers and warm moonlight.

Wild Cherry - sparkling blend of bright juicy cherries with a touch of sweetness.

Variety Pack Assortment – includes one each of Sweet Lemon, Red Delicious, Lime Blossom, Tiki Beach, Tropical Isle, Orange, Clothesline Fresh, Cinnaberry and Warm Summer Nights.

Fruit Basket Assortment – includes two each of Sweet Lemon, Orange, Lime Blossom, Wild Cherry and Red Delicious. 

Directions for Use

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  • Fill from gallons of NI-712 as needed.

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