Lake Hallie Memory Care



The PropertyLake Hallie Memory Care

Lake Hallie Memory Care is a licensed Community Based Residential Facility in Chippewa Falls, WI.  This facility provides quality memory care services for the Wisconsin counties of Barron, Chippewa, Dunn and Eau Claire. The environment at Lake Hallie Memory Care is designed to promote less anxiety; more sociability and a strong sense of community among the residents. Residents enjoy planned programs and events with staff and family members according to their abilities.

The Challenge

The long-term care industry faces a multitude of challenges when it comes to keeping residents happy and healthy, including maintaining cleanliness and reducing the risk of the 1.5 million infections estimated to occur in long-term care facilities each year.  Long-term care facilities are both a healthcare setting and a home for elderly, which means staff are challenged with keeping them healthy and minimizing the spread of infections, while also maintaining a clean, comfortable and home-like environment.


Kyle, the Environmental Services Coordinator told us many of their residents have accidents throughout the facility which can cause a problem with odors, even when the mess is cleaned up immediately.  Patients and family members equate odor to a lack of cleanliness, so routine cleaning and disinfecting with products that work, plays a big role in helping maintain a healthy and clean smelling environment. Kyle said they have tried many very popular cleaning products and several different types of air fresheners, but nothing worked like it said it would. The odor eliminators that stated they ‘lasted for hours’ never did! “We take pride in our facility, not only being clean, but smelling clean and inviting as well”.  Kyle needed odor elimination that really worked and he needed it fast!




Neutron Industries Solution

Kyle told his Neutron representative that he needed to eliminate the organic odors that are so prevalent in a residential care facility, and he needed something that worked on tiled floor, linoleum, and carpeting aswell.   He was also looking for an odor control product for everyday use that eliminated odors; didn’t just cover them up. 


Organic stains and odors:  In order to eliminate organic stains and odors the use of enzymes is a must.  Since enzymatic cleaners are biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning agents, they are an especially useful alternative cleaner for those concerned with green living or who do not react well to typical chemical cleaners.  Our D-Molish Now Enzymatic cleaner was the perfect solution for Kyle and his housekeeping staff.  It’s patented ingredient SE-500 works instantly to destroy odors, and then trillions of enzymes organically digest the odor source for long-term odor control.  D-Molish Now is perfect for foul odor “emergencies” where instant and long-lasting odor control is both required. D-Molish is perfect to remove organic stains and odors from laundry, carpet, upholstery and fabrics; removes urine and other organic wastes from tile, grout and cement!


Everyday odor control:  For all other odor control needs, Kyle needed an odor control product that did ‘last for hours’!  Neutron’s spray odor eliminators deliver a super fine mist for greater coverage without fallout. Neutron’s odor eliminators are eco-friendly and contain no harmful propellants like many aerosols (uses only compressed air to push product out of a bag inside the can).  Neutron’s odor control products eliminate the most pungent airborne odors, and leave a clean fresh scent behind!


The Result

Lake Hallie Memory Care Environmental Services Coordinator and his staff now smell great and are happy about it!  Kyle told us “We take pride in our facility, not only being clean, but smelling clean and inviting.  Neutron and their products have been outstanding.  I have tried other odor eliminators from other companies that state “lasts for hours”, and it was not true.  When I tested products from Neutron I was very impressed with the cleaning ability and the long lasting fragrance that does not just mask the odor, but eliminates it. We are excited to try other Neutron products in the future.”


“Family members of potential residents have stated that our nursing home doesn’t smell like a nursing home, it actually smells good, and they are impressed by the inviting smell when they enter the facility!”


The Bottom Line: 

Neutron delivered odor control products that really worked at the Lake Hallie Memory Care Facility.  A clean smelling facility always equates to a clean facility, and many of the family members and potential residents make comments on how clean and great smelling the center is. Less is more; a small quantity of Neutron’s products goes a long way.  Adding Neutron’s odor control products to a daily facility routine can: 

Reduce spending because you can eliminate the under preforming products you are using.

Increase facility ratings due to products that do “last for hours”, and keep emergency odor issues at bay.

Keep staff happier with products that get the job done the first time. Less elbow grease and applications.