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Since 1976, Healthcare Services Group has delivered exceptional housekeeping/laundry and dining/nutrition services to an ever-changing healthcare industry. Headquartered in Bensalem, PA with strategically-located regional and district operations around the country, they provide professional management of ancillary services to a diverse mix of satisfied clients. Flexible and responsive, their people are trained to help you achieve success by delivering innovative solutions, exceptional performance and measurable results.

Joe, Operations Manager for three facilities in Des Moines IA, has been working for Healthcare Services Group for over eight years.  “In regards to the quality of cleaning, we as a company strive to provide the best servce in the industry.  We have policies and procedures in place when faced with the current scares within the facilities.”

The Challenge

Health Facility cleaning requires a superior degree of attention to detail.  Environmental infection-control strategies must be in place at all times to control the spread of infections.  Cleaning and Odor Control is top priority as well.  Organic odors can be very strong and hard to control.  Patients or visitors can percieve the air to be polluted and unhealthy when strong odors are not kept at bay.  

Neutron Industries Solution

Neutron’s Broad-spectrum, hospital-grade disinfectants not only disinfect, many of them clean and deodorize at the same time.  Not having a medicinal or chemical smell is very important in the healthcare facilities environment.  The task of deodorizing the air without compromising the quality of the air is also top priority.  The implementation of a Neutron’s hospital-grade, EPA registrered disinfectant with a built-in deodorizer, and our #1 Odor-Control product that is VOC compliant resulted in cleaner and better smelling areas and many compliments on how clean the facility looks and how clean it smells.

Disinfection:  Hospitals are supposed to help people recover, not get them sick.  Unfortunately, an alarming number of hospital patients’ recovery times are being prolonged after picking up a nosocomial or ‘hospital-acquired” infection during hospital stays.  Healthcare facilities follow strict guidelines when it comes to these issures.  Neutron’s Hospital grade disinfectants effortlessly perfom the disinfection function, and because most of them are Quaternary Disinfectants they clean as well.  Another bonus to Neutron’s Disinfectants is that they are lighly scented.  Medicinal or chemical smells do not create a healthy feeling environment.

Hospital Odors:  All healthcare facilities struggle with organic odor issues. Urine, fecal, vomit, bacteria, fungus, illness, food, and trash smells are just a few that challenge even the cleanest healthcare facilities.  Joe, the Operations Manager at these facilities was currently looking for an odor eliminater when he heard about Neutron, and was eager to try our products.  He said he is faced with medical related issues on a daily basis that create very strong odors.  “Crohns disease, ostomy bags, food pumps, everyday garbage”, just to name a few.  “I was looking for an odor eliminator that smelt good without the chemical effect or the hospital smell to it”.  “I also didn’t want the time release masking sprayers hanging throughout the building.”

Neutron’s spray odor eliminators are eco-friendly and contain no harmful propellants like many aerosols (uses only compressed air to push product out of a bag inside the can).

The Result

This Operations manager “couldn’t believe how great our products worked and smelled”.  Joe was “amazed by how long the odor eliminator scent lasted even after just one use, and even with a few short bursts”!  “People really like the orange smell and comment on how nice it smells in the facility.”

Bottom Line:  Neutron Industries provided this facility long lasting odor control and great smelling cleaning products.  Odor control that eliminates odors, doesn’t mask them.  Our Quaternary Disinfectants with pleasant fragrances also save time because they clean and disinfect all at once.