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HC Essentials Bundle (mix pack)

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Product Description

The HC Essentials Bundle includes six products formulated to keep your facility clean, healthy, and safe.  Includes 1 of each product:


Power Tabs, Surface Defense Disinfecting Spray, and the Surface Defense Wipes are included on the EPA’s list N for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). See labels for complete details.

Power Tabs - concentrated bleach tablets dissolve quickly in tap water and are perfect to use as your everyday disinfectant, cleaner, or food contact surface sanitizer.  They are the SAFER alternative to common household bleach.  They have a neutral pH which is less corrosive, less damaging, and more stable than bleach.  120 tables per canister.

Surface Defense Disinfectant Spray - use to both disinfect hard non-porous surfaces and sanitize soft porous surfaces including fabric, leather, and vinyl upholstery. Pleasant orange scent.  

Surface Defense Wipes - kills a broad range of disease-causing organisms.  Has a short 2-minute contact time required for full disinfection.  No rinsing is required.  Perfect for toys, changing stations, bed frames, wheelchairs, and other hard surfaces that are touched often.  130 wipes per canister.


Botanical Bliss 

Botanical Bliss is a spa-type scent that has touches of citrus combined with green tea and jasmine plus deep woodsy undertones. Botanical Bliss fragrance contains no known allergens.

D-Molish Enzymatic Digester and Deodorizer - an enzymatic stain and odor digester that eliminates organic stains and odors from tile, grout, carpet, and fabrics. Can also be used to pretreat soiled linens and clothing and used to maintain drains.  

NI-712 Continuous Spray Odor Eliminator - destroys tough odors in seconds leaving your workplace perfect!  One spray keeps an average 10x10x10 room odor-free for up to eight hours.  

Streamline Multi-Task All-Purpose Cleaner - lifts grease and grime from hard surfaces - even cleans glass without streaking.  


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