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Ecolution Carpet Cleaner - Gallon (Qty 4 Per Case)

Item #121557
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Product Description

After the initial cleaning with Ecolution Carpet Cleaner, a "second wave" of cleaning takes place. Encapsulating polymers surround remaining dirt and detergent molecules, then dry to brittle crystals. This allows for easy removal of residue through vacuuming, and it also inhibits rapid re-soiling so carpet is cleaner longer. Encapsulation technology also shortens dry time after cleaning.

Ecolution Carpet Cleaner can be used for: Carpet extracting (Dilute 4-oz. per gallon of water.) Bonnet cleaning (Dilute 10-oz. per gallon of water.) Spot cleaning / Pre-spray (Dilute 8-oz. per quart of water.)

Ecolution Carpet Cleaner is highly concentrated; it takes less product to do the job.

Directions for Use

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  • Vacuum area to be cleaned thoroughly. Dilute carpet cleaner with cold tap water as directed. Follow cleaning machine€™s operating instructions. Once carpet has dried, vacuum thoroughly to remove remaining cleaning residue to prevent re-soiling. Open the area to traffic. Carpet extracting dilute 4-oz. per gallon of water, Bonnet cleaning dilute 10-oz. per gallon of water, Spot cleaning/Pre-spray dilute 8-oz. per quart of water.

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