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Odor Beads NI-712 Daydream Granular Air Freshner, 24 Bead Bags - Neutron Industries

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The uses for Neutron’s Odor Beads are almost endless!  Fragrance is captured in recyclable polyethylene beads packaged in nylon bags.  The bags slowly release the fragrance for long-lasting odor control.

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Each bead bag releases its air freshener for 30 days or more! Odor Beads contain SE-500TM, Neutron's powerful, patented odor-eliminating ingredient. Odor Beads are easy to use...and hide! Just toss one of these small but powerful bags wherever you need it.  Place in vacuum cleaners, wet-dry vacs, air vents, hampers, campers, cars, trucks, buses, planes, boats, drawers, linen closets, patient rooms, offices, etc. Available in a variety of dreamy scents.  Each Odor Bead Bucket contains 24 Bead Bags.