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D-Molish Enzymatic Digester & Deodorizer - Candied Rose - Quart (Qty 4 Per Case)

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Product Description

Limited Edition Candied Rose is a complex new scent that combines the gentle fragrance of garden roses with hints of geraniums, violets, zesty lemons and sweet honey.  A charming modern scent that is both calming and revitalizing.  And, the fragrance contains no known allergens.

D-Molish Enzymatic Digester & Deodorizer contains powerful bacteria that when activated with water, produce trillions of enzymes that organically digest tough stains and odors. Use D-Molish to clean and maintain drains and grease traps; remove organic stains and odors from laundry, carpet, upholstery and fabrics; and remove urine and other organic wastes from tile, grout and cement.

Add D-Molish to your mop and bucket cleaning: the good bacteria digest spills, grease and other organic material that have accumulated over time, leaving floors deep-down clean and odor free! Delivers a refreshing clean, fresh fragrance.

Non-acid, non-alkali, non-solvent. Safe to use in all types of drains, metal or PVC plastic. Beneficial to septic systems. Safe to use around people, pets, marine life and plants when used as directed. Use on drains, grease traps, showers, lift stations, sewage plants, septic tanks, sinks, dumpsters, toilets, urinals, tile, grout, cement, carpeting, laundry, draperies, and more. Refer to product label for complete list of applications and uses.

Directions for Use

  • Organic Stains & Odors: Saturate areas on carpet, tile, grout, cement, equipment, furniture - any surface with an organic stain. Apply to wet surface or mist with water. D-Molish enzymes will continue to devour stains and their odors as long as it remains wet. Leaves area clean, fresh smelling and stain free.
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  • Drains & Other Uses: Safe to use in all types of drains, metal or PVC plastic. See label for complete application directions.

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