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Child Care Bundle - Mixed Pack

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Product Description

The Child Care "Essentials" Bundle is the perfect way to check out this group of products formulated to handle many of the cleaning and odor control issues you encounter daily in your facility or home-based daycare.  It includes:

Power Tabs (1 canister) - concentrated bleach tablets are the safer alternative to common liquid household bleach, is EPA registered, and has more kill claims than household bleach. Just dilute tabs in water as needed. 

NI-712 Clinging Gel Deodorizer (2 cans) - Spray it onto surfaces, not into the air.  It’s perfect for diaper pails and trash cans.

D-Molish Enzymatic Cleaner & Odor Eliminator (1 quart) - A unique formula that when activated with water, produces trillions of enzymes that digest anything organic (food, urine, vomit, blood) eliminating the stains and odors from carpeting, tile, grout, and cement.  Can also be used to pre-spot linens and to maintain free-flowing drains.  Fresh sweet lemon scent.

AbraCadabra Spill Clean-up (1 bottle) turns liquid messes into a manageable gel in seconds - just like magic.  It’s the best for cleaning up spilled liquids, vomit, and other accidents. 

Eco-Power All-Purpose (2 quarts) is an amazing ready-to-use cleaner.  It cuts through gunk, grime, and grease so fast saving you time and effort.  It’s formulated using biodegradable "EPA Safer Choice" approved ingredients and contains no dye.  


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