Many of our customers’ facilities have carpets. Our Hotels, Churches, Funeral Homes, Schools and Residential Communities to name a few, have carpeted areas, and a responsibility to keep their carpets clean.  Most carpets in these environments don’t see a lot of bare feet, or slumber parties with bodies lying all around (like our home carpets) but businesses still have to be concerned with employees’ and customers’ welfare by routinely vacuuming and cleaning their carpets.  What do I mean about welfare, it’s a carpet?

Are you ready for this…research shows that typical carpets have about 200,000 bacteria per square inch.  That’s about 4,000 times more than a toilet has. (Research by Phillip Tierno, Jr., PH. D., New York University Langone Medical Center microbiologist, and author of The Secret Life of Germs.)

Oh, and that’s not all that lurks around those plush little fibers. Carpets can have dust mites, fleas, pollen, dead skin, mold and rock salt from the winter months too!  All carpets are not created equal, so let’s look at how often your carpet needs cleaning attention.

Vacuuming: Vacuuming regularly is a must, not just for cleanliness, but for appearance as well.  High traffic areas should be touched every day, where light traffic areas can be vacuumed weekly. However, vacuuming alone only eliminates about 85% of the dirt in your carpet, so make sure your carpet cleaning schedule is set and followed.

Spot Cleaning:  Spot cleaning is the perfect way to keep your carpet looking good in-between scheduled carpet cleaning.  Leaving stains on a carpet can damage carpet fibers, or permanently stain your carpet.  Blasting out these tough stains early will save your company money on carpet replacement costs in the future.

Carpet Cleaning:  One cleaning schedule does not fit all, many factors play into how often you should be cleaning your carpets.  Is your carpet light or dark color? Do you have high pile or short?  Do you have high or low volume foot traffic, and make sure to take employees and visitors alike into account.  The type of commercial space you have determines how frequent you should clean your carpets as well.                      

For instance:

Hotels:  We have customers deep clean their carpets quarterly and some tell us they deep clean once a year.  Volume and amount of carpeting in the facility plays a big role in how often Hotels deep clean.

Churches/Funeral Homes:  Will typically do one thorough cleaning each year.  However they will clean entrances or high traffic areas multiple times a year, and this also depends on their size.

Schools:  Our schools usually clean their carpets every three to six months.

Residential Communities/Nursing Homes: Because the elderly and infirm are particularly vulnerable to infections, regular deep cleaning should be performed, and carpets are definitely on this deep clean list.  Quarterly cleanings are typical, with added cleanings in high traffic areas when needed.

Here at Neutron, we carry professional grade carpet products for all your carpet cleaning needs from heavy duty cleaning, to spot cleaning, to carpet deodorization. Call your representative now and find out how we can assists you in finding the right products for your facility.  Or visit our carpet section on our web page at:

The chart above can help assist you as well. Every call you make to Neutron Industries, you can rest assured of having 40 years of product experience behind everything we sell.