A few extra steps to lessen flu germs in the work place.

It’s flu season, and even though germs lurk around our facilities all year, during flu-season, those flu germs can land you or your employees in bed sick for days. 

According to WWW.FLU.GOV, “One out of 10 lost workdays can be attributed to the flu”.  The CDC states that lost work days due to illness cost U.S. employers over $100 billion annually!  That’s why degerming your work space is very important to keep your employees healthy.  The CDC has free hygiene-related posters you can print and use in your schools, workplaces, child care locations or any other public places. https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/hygiene/resources/posters.html

A good place to start is the restrooms...dirty restrooms are not just gross, they can make your customers and employees very sick.  It’s not just the Flu lurking around that area, the common cold, E. coli and Hepatitis A all flourish in public toilets and sinks.

We all have our cleaning services that come in nightly or weekly, and we think they have it covered, but there is more we can do.  First, make sure your commercial cleaning company, or janitor knows the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting to make sure the job is getting done right.  Second, have a cleaning plan set up for in-between the commercial cleanings, or for cleaning emergencies.

To take that next step in providing a germ-free environment, here are a few simple ideas that can make a big difference.

  1. Provide Flu Shots for Your Employees 

    Many companies offer free flu shots to employees to try and minimize the impact of the flu during flu season.

  2. Schedule Seasonal Deep Cleanings

    While deep cleanings should be done at a minimum of once per year, timing them before, during and after flu season will increase the effectiveness of your flu prevention measures.  Always be certain that your cleaning crew uses EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered disinfectants, and using them properly to be certain total disinfection is being achieved.

  3. Provide Disinfectant Wipes

    In-between your janitorial service visits, germs still lurk around.  Having an easy to use wipe available for in-house cleaning services or for employees themselves to use on high touch areas will help reduce the number of germs on surfaces.

  4. Hand Sanitizer Stations

    Keeping hand sanitizers easily accessible around your facility is a nice visual reminder to employees to use sanitizer throughout their day. Many schools require alcohol-free hand sanitizers which works best for their environment. However, according to the CDC, alcohol-based sanitizers with a concentration higher than 60% are the most effective; a lower concentration of alcohol can offer false protection.

  5. Upgrade your Hand Cleaning Equipment

    Removing old soap pump dispensers and upgrading to more modern hands-free equipment helps to prevent the spread of germs being transferred from one surface to another by having a no touch surface. Facilities can eliminate the risks associated with contaminated refillable bulk soap dispensers and transition to sealed systems so hand washers can get what they expect:  clean hands.

  6. RTU (Ready-To-Use) Sanitizers and Disinfectants

    Having RTU sanitizers or RTU disinfectants on hand for ‘germ emergencies’ is a must.  Look for a disinfectant/sanitizer that works on both hard and porous surfaces, has a short dwell time, is EPA registered, and smells good, and you will be ready for any germ evasion that comes your way!

    Here at Neutron, our product specialists can always help you find exactly what you need to keep your facility germ-free.  Call your representative today!