Sometimes a hotel room or apartment turnover doesn’t go as smoothly as you plan because there are embedded odors that are so stubborn and foul they leave you with the only option of a total air elimination procedure, but what if there was another way?

It reminds me of a trip to Virginia, to watch my son's ship come in after a seven-month deployment with the U.S. Navy.  With 6000 sailors getting off the ship, hotels rooms were very hard to come by.  When we checked into our room it had a bad smoke odor, and we were told there were no other rooms available in the hotel.  They offered to let off an air freshener ‘bomb’ while we were out for the day and promised it would take care of the smell.  Not only did the smoke smell remain in the room, the air freshener bomb was terrible smelling!

Fast forward two years, and Neutron is getting ready to launch their new product AutoScents Total Release.  My mind went back to my Virginia trip and all that the hotel tried to do for us.  Even though our products are thoroughly tested by our chemists, I needed to see the product in action for myself.  Fortunately, Neutron is known for their great scents, so I knew that would not disappoint me, but I really wanted to see how well it worked.

I was given the opportunity to work with a few local hotel customers who agreed to let us use our new AutoScents Total Release in some of their smelliest rooms; I was so excited to report back to our sales representatives the feedback I received.

In all instances the rooms had bad smoke smell, and even one smelled horrific from dog urine.  All of these hotels are smoke free, so it goes to show that the rules are not always followed.  When we returned to each of the three rooms, two and half hours later, they all smelled fresh and clean.  The products’ scents were refreshing, and there were no signs of smoke or urine smell.  At one location when the housekeeper was asked to re-enter the room so we could have her opinion, she scrunched up her nose, and hesitated to enter (she had been in the room earlier).  Once in the room she looked back at us with a big smile and said “Oh, that smells very nice!” 

Now I am proud (and confident) to introduce to you our new Auto Scents Total Release. (This means that the whole can is released at once for total deodorization.)  This is the ideal product to have on hand to eliminate malodors with minimal effort especially if you want to deodorize after hours.  Just set it to go and walk out the door!  When you walk in the next morning, lingering odors and smells have vanished!  You can choose between Citrus or Linen, and both scents leave the room smelling fresh and clean.  Find out more about this wonderful new product by visiting us online at or call your favorite Neutron Sales Representative.