Does being “Eco Friendly” matter to you, your business, employees or brand?  Do you find yourself wondering how you can be more environmentally friendly especially now that it’s time to do some Spring Cleaning?  You can implement Eco Friendly practices without having to make extreme changes. Even a small, sustainable change can create an impact on the planet and your company’s profit. Whether you’re a boss or an employee, some small steps can lay the groundwork for a healthier workplace.

  1. Leave the Toxins Outside

Shoes can bring all types of toxins into the workplace however removing your shoes at work are not very practical.  One solution is using mats at entrances to trap dirt, heavy metals, pesticides, pollution, germs, etc., not allowing them into your facility.  By simply adding mats it also means less sweeping, mopping and vacuuming, so less work, water, energy, and fewer chemicals.

  1. Use Plants to Filter Toxic Chemicals

 Did you know that there are various plants that are known to be great indoor air filters?  NASA researchers actually set out to find an easy way to clean the air in space stations, and their studies showed that plants are very effective at removing chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and ammonia from the air.  These chemicals have been linked to health effects like headaches, dizziness and eye irritation, and have been found in typical office supplies from printing inks to plastics. Some of the most well know plants that are effective at removing chemicals in the air include: Boston Fern, Spider Plant, Bamboo Palm, Weeping Fig, English Ivy, and the Peace Lily.

  1.  Use Microfiber Cleaning Products

In the last fifteen years the popularity of microfiber cleaning products has grown tremendously.  The reason for this popularity is simple, they’re extremely effective.  Microfiber cleans with less effort than other methods, often without the need of chemicals, and is hypoallergenic.  A well cared for microfiber cloth should last for years, which could be the equivalent to hundreds of rolls of paper towels.

  1.  Install a Dilution Control System

It’s very common for employees to use too much chemical when cleaning which can be harmful to surfaces, people and the environment.  Over using chemical also drives up your costs.  Using a dilution control system ensures the proper amounts of chemicals are being used, thus keeping costs down and people and the environment safer.

  1. Green Cleaning Products

Have you thought about buying “Eco Friendly” cleaning products but don’t know where to start?  The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has made purchasing safer products easier. When their “Safer Choice” logo is on a product, you can be sure the product has the safest possible ingredients. That means the “Safer Choice review team has screened each ingredient in the product for potential human health and environmental effects.” If lightening up your personal carbon footprint is on the agenda for this year’s Spring Cleaning, purchasing EPA registered products can give you the confidence that you are getting what you pay for.

Every eco-friendly change makes a difference, big and small. So grab some plants, throw down some mats, and call Neutron for more information on our EPA registered “Safer Choice” products.