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Best Western Arcata Inn is located in Arcata California near beautiful beaches and the Redwood Forest.  The hotel is conveniently located close to both local airports (within seven miles of the property), and Humboldt State University (within two miles).  Due to their central location and being a pet friendly property, this 61 unit hotel experiences a high volume of guest traffic.


The Challenge

High volume occupancy and guest traffic made the housekeeping department’s responsibilities very demanding.  Typically a housekeeper needs to complete a stay-over room in fifteen minutes and a check-out room in thirty minutes.  High demand for rooms was pushing Arcata Inn housekeeping staff to their limits.  Poorly performing cleaning products had slowed down room turnover and left room cleanliness less than adequate for guests.  Buildup in showers, stained bathroom tiles, dull and dirty furniture, as well as bad smelling rooms were just a few of the problems this housekeeping department was facing.


Neutron Industries Solution

Neutron’s Hospitality Partner Program enabled housekeeping staff to work with greater speed and improved efficiency.  Hard working, multi-task products reduced man-hours spent and prolonged the lifespan of room surfaces.  Implementation of Neutron’s program resulted in optimum cleanliness achieved in shorter timeframes with reduced overall expenses.


Buildup in Showers:  Due to the high traffic that hotel showers endured and the frequent turnover of rooms, the Executive Housekeeper needed a powerful product that could clean, disinfect and deodorize all at the same time.  Neutron’s hospital-grade disinfectants effortlessly perform all three functions.  <Feature a product in the solution pack>


Stained Tile/Grout:  Time wasted waiting for a product to penetrate and clean grout stains is something hotels, especially during the busy season, cannot afford.  Neutron’s proprietary formulas blast away soap scum and stains without abrasives and work quickly with minimal effort and time. <Feature a product in the solution pack>


Dull/Dirty Furniture:   Hotel room furniture is made up of many different surfaces and compounds so a ready-to-use multi-surface cleaner is best suited for those items.  Time wasted by staff running back and forth from their carts for different cleaners was impacting turnover goals.  Neutron’s line-up of multi-surface cleaners was the perfect solution.   They can be used on counters, appliances, tables, chairs, plastic furniture, tile fixtures, and any other water-safe surface.  Neutron cleaners also double as air fresheners, which helps to save time, money and alleviate guest allergy issues. <Feature a product in the solution pack>


Room Odors:  Best Western Arcata Inn was experiencing odor issues in their guestrooms.  Neutron spray odor eliminators deliver a super fine mist for greater coverage without fallout.  The container is designed to spray in any position, even upside down which enables staff to effortlessly target any desired area.  Neutron’s odor eliminators are eco-friendly and contain no harmful propellants like many aerosols (uses only compressed air to push product out of a bag inside the can). <Feature a product in the solution pack>


The Result

The Executive Housekeeper discontinued use of products they had been using for years.  Neutron’s solution packs outperformed products that had long been considered industry-standard.  Dennise, the Executive Housekeeper stated: “Every Neutron product we’ve used worked great!”


The Bottom Line:  Neutron Solutions saved Best Western Arcata Inn significant guestroom turnover time, improved cleanliness ratings and helped improve their bottom line.  Less is more, a small quantity of Neutron’s products go a long way.  Adding Neutron’s concentrated products to a housekeeper’s cart means less back and forth, less elbow grease and better results.


TripAdvisor Reviews

In an era of social media and tools designed to measure consumer sentiment, flawless service has become the standard in the hospitality industry.  A hotel’s “star rating” is synonymous with its TripAdvisor or Yelp rating.  Leading the list of factors that can damage ratings is the cleanliness of a property.


For the hotels available in Arcata, Best Western is great. Clean, efficient, friendly staff and quiet.”Best Western Trip Advisor Ratings


“I would definitely recommend this hotel. The price was very reasonable and the facilities were clean, comfortable and the breakfast was good.”


“Good, clean and predictable service.”


“The staff is friendly and the rooms are clean.”


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