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Since 1978 Neutron Industries has been a cleaning powerhouse in the hospitality industry helping hotels with faster room turnover through our highly concentrated cleaning solutions. Odor elimination including smoke smell has been a constant hassle for housekeeping staff to overcome while trying to find products designed to control and eliminate odors during guest stays. Neutron developes cost efficient cleaning products from our popular fast acting odor control products to our incredible cleaning products that are designed to tackle cleaning challenges that sometimes seem impossible.

The following items are just a few of our many great hospitality cleaning products


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D-Molish Now! neutralizes odors immediately then digests odor source. Neutron’s patented ingredient SE-500™ works instantly to destroy foul odor. These powerful bacteria produce trillions of enzymes that organically digest the odor source for long-term odor control. D-Molish Now! is perfect for foul odor “emergencies” where instant and long-lasting odor control are both required.

NI-712 Odor Eliminator Continuous Spray is a very powerful air odor eliminator with amazingly fresh fragrances designed to keep your rooms smelling great. NI-712 eliminates the worst odors in 3.5 seconds which helps your staff with faster room turnover times while working hard to clean up messes from previous guests! Unlike most "grocery store" or consumer geared air fresheners, NI-712 actually eliminates odors, it doesn't just cover them up. NI-712 is a super concentrated industrial strength odor eliminator designed to conquer the frequent challenges that often come up in hospitality!

No Smoke Odor Eliminator is so powerful it even eliminates smoke smells associated with fire damage! The Unique formula works imediately to erradicate smoke odors at their source. No smoke will penetrate deep down into fabrics where trapped smoke odor tends to lingers. Spray directly on surfaces like carpet, linen, upholstery, draperies, other fabrics and porous materials. With No Smoke you can easily convert smoking rooms into non smoking or use to keep your smoking rooms smelling great for new guests.





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